Saturday, April 23, 2016

Portland Babymoon - The (vegan) Food

It has been months since I shared anything on this little spot in the internet universe. It goes without saying that a lot has transpired since my last post because no one's life remains stagnant. But I'm not going to reminisce on the way way back, just on the few weeks back, when Chris and I traveled to Portland for our Babymoon.
We chose Portland as our destination because we'd long heard it about its  vegan mecca status and, as a pregnant person, the one thing I can do right now with abandon is eat, thus, a foodie Babymoon to the vegan mecca seemed like the obvious choice. And it turned out to be a great, delicious choice.
Vegan gorditas plate from Taqueria Los Gorditos: I hadn't eaten a gordita since I lived in San Antonio because I'd never come across a veganized version so imagine my giddiness when I ate this. So giddy.
Bunny juice and the farmhouse scramble from Prasad: "fresh, conscious cuisine" tucked away inside of a yoga studio (hence the "shhhh" sign on our table).
We shared the combo plate from the very popular food cart Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ : tempeh ribs, smoked soy curls, hush puppies, mac-no-cheese, sweet potato fries, stewed greens, and an assortment of house made remoulade. This meal was to die for. I still dream of the smoked soy curls and mac-no-cheese.
Beet tartare, arrabbiata pizza, and creme brulee from Portobello Vegan Trattoria: this meal had richness and creaminess in every course; so decadent.
Fresh chamomile tea served in the traditional Chinese style, down to the type of tea matched to a specific pot, and vegan dumplings from the Lan Su Chinese Garden Teahouse: a peaceful and simple afternoon snack.
A massive and messy (in the best way) vegan chicken salad sandwich from the food cart D.C. Vegetarian: Chris and I shared this and the Italian Sub and both dripped all over our faces and hands while we people watched in the park by the Willamette River.
Coconut vanilla mint chip ice cream with cookie dough crumbles and a massive apple fritter from the all vegan bakery Petunia's Pies & Pastries.
Last but not least, an unfortunately terrible photo of the fresh-out-of-the-oven apple crumble dessert that culminated my favorite meal in Portland; from the plant-based restaurant Harvest at the Bindery. Their menu is seasonal and local so it changes frequently. We opted out of individual entrees because we couldn't decide on just one meal and instead shared six appetizer plates. Every single bite we had, down to the freaking carrot stems, was phenomenal. I didn't take any photos of our plates because it was night time and the restaurant was dimly lit for ambiance, but just take my word for it, this restaurant deserves all the accolades. There are plenty of photos on their yelp page if you get off on food porn like I do.

This isn't a comprehensive list of everything we ate. I didn't photograph any of Chris' meals, a couple of breakfasts, and the donuts we got from Blue Star are just on my instagram page. But still, you get the picture: Portland is deserving of its title as the top vegan-friendly city of 2016. I can't wait to go back and visit when I can enjoy its vegan bar scene!


Anonymous said...

Good to see another yummy post!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Wow! Sounds like Portland is the place to go for vegans. Why can this be reproduced in other cities?
Great way to enjoy a babymoon, how was Lil Bird reacting to all this indulgence?
Happy for you!

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