Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Palm Springs (Se-khi)

To celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary we loaded up the car, dogs included, and drove to the desert to spend a couple of days in Palm Springs. The Cahuilla People were the first inhabitants of the Coachella Valley and their name for Palm Springs is Se-khi, which means "boiling waters" because the area is bursting with natural hot springs. Just remind me to go back in winter when the temperatures don't soar well past 100 degrees so dipping into natural hot mineral water will seem like a fitting activity.
When it's too hot for the hot springs Palm Springs has a seemingly endless amount of pools to keep you cool, like the salt-water one at our hotel. And although so many pools in the middle of the desert during a dangerous drought is alarming, sometimes (no really, very rarely)  you have to say fuck it and jump in, you can't solve all the world's problems. 
Our hotel room had a kitchen but we chose to eat our meals out because that's what you do on vacation. It's home to the very first Native Foods Cafe, and while we hardly eat at Native Foods anymore, for ethical reasons (the new CEO was the district manager for Lone Star Steak House for 14 years) , we can still appreciate the fact that this now popular vegan fast-food chain originated in little ol' Palm Springs. We actually had dinner there one night and while the food wasn't awful it wasn't nearly as good as it had been before the CEO and menu changes. Thankfully, Palm Springs has a handful of tasty vegan options to keep our bellies happy. We had curry and tofu and vegetables from the vegetarian menu at Peppers Thai Cuisine, we ate a veggie breakfast burrito, vegan tacos, and a date shake from Nature's Health Food and Cafe, we had a massive salad sampler and grilled hot dog from Palm Greens Cafe and liked the food so much we went back for breakfast to share the vegan biscuits and gravy, the vegan breakfast tacos, and the vegan cinnamon swirl french toast with jam and vegan orange cream. Oh my god, writing all that just made my mouth water. SO GOOD you guys, so good.
Now, eating isn't the only thing we did, although I'd be fine if it had been. Friday night after dinner we strolled along Canyon Drive and walked towards the Hyatt where we heard live music. Sure enough there was a small, sharply dressed man belting out the tunes and throwing a plastic ball with light inside of it to his audience at the HooDoo Patio Restaurant so we thought we should sit and listen to one or two songs. Well, many songs (and two shattered cocktail glasses) later we were feeling warm and fuzzy so we wanted to keep the feeling going and ended up at karaoke night at Peabody's. Neither of us got up to sing at the mic but we sang along to every song from our seats. Two days later my voice was gone. Well worth it!
We also went to the Moorten Botanical Garden, a "living museum" featuring all types of desert plants.  You know I love succulents so this should have been fun for me but I was maybe a tad hungover and it was so hot outside that I kept thinking I was going to pass out. I gave Chris control of the camera while slowly pacing around like a turtle. Next time I'll make sure to bring along a big bottle of water. Later when I felt a bit better we did a little thrift store shopping and then escaped to the cool darkness of the movie theater to watch Jurassic World .
Perhaps one of the best known facts about Palm Springs is the Mid-Century modern aesthetic that influences most of the architecture in the area, from residential homes to resort hotels; the sleek lines, pops of color, minimalism, and desertscaping truly make it an oasis in the desert. It's my favorite thing about Palm Springs. Just driving around the city is a treat for me and in true creepy fashion I make sure to take photos of the places I find particularly inspirational. Next time we really ought to take a tour. 
And that does it, another fabulous weekend in Palm Springs, where the mayors are celebrities and the hotels are named after 50s cinema. If you want to read more about Palm Springs, check out the last post I wrote about it.
Happy Wednesday!


Mami said...

Hard to believe that it is already five years since your wonderful wedding. Palm Springs sound like a fun way to celebrate, and I'm very happy that you two had such good time! The pictures are beautiful, and we definitely have to spend some time there. We only drove trough one day on our way to the San Jacinto mountains which were spectacular!
Thank you for writing and sharing your life with us! Love you both!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, great words, great memories. Thanks for doing what you do -- documenting and taking the time. It means a lot! Lerv-C