Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What Summer Looks Like (to me)

I've been gathering the monarch caterpillars from the milkweed I planted and putting them into big Ball mason jars along the kitchen windowsill where they can pupate safely. I've been keeping the hummingbird feeders full and have delighted at watching the tiny birds perch and sip the sweet water. I stalk the Magnolia tree, waiting for the giant seed pods to open and reveal the treasure inside, the big white flowers with the strong perfume that has me and the bees coming back for more. The passion-fruit vine is dripping with fruit that is finally turning into the purple color that tells us it's ripe. We've been finding them strewn along the ground by the fence in the backyard. Now we make sure to "walk the line" every day, searching for more.
I've been reading aloud to myself, sprawled out on the couch, the dogs at my feet, with a warm cup of coffee within arms reach. My thermos has been put in a cabinet where it'll stay for the next couple of months because I'm not rushing off to work in the morning; summer break is here, hurrah, hurrah! But I'm not just lounging around the house (although that is my #1 favorite thing to do), I've also been hunting for bargains for my new fourth grade classroom library. I went to the Scholastic warehouse sale and got a box full of books for half-off and I've been frequenting my local thrift stores, where I always find books (and things I don't need but buy anyway because of compulsion). We've been out of school for less than a week and I've already bought about 100 books (and Pyrex dishes and small handmade needlework art...) for the next school year! 
  And, of course, I've been going to the beach. But that's not just summer behavior, that happens all year long since Chris is a surfer and we are lucky enough to live so close to the ocean here in lovely San Diego. Although for me it's better in the summer because it's warmer, especially since May Gray and June Gloom are pretty much over with (the summer solstice makes it official). Now I can wear a swimsuit and sunscreen and a floppy hat and read and gossip on the beach while the sun spreads over my skin like a big, yellow blanket. Then there's time for beer and burritos at Angelo's afterwards because during summer break every day is like the weekend. Summer, you already know it but I can't stop saying it: I love you.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Mami said...

Im so happy for you! Enjoy your Summer to the fullest, you deserve it!!!