Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Surf and Blow

I have to admit that May has been a pretty swell month so far. Maybe the secret to having a good month is to starting it off good. Maybe we need to treat ourselves to something special at the beginning of every month. Whatever that something special means to you - a pedicure, massage, surf, a nice meal out, wine, walks with friends - maybe if we intentionally plan something nice for ourselves at the offset then that positive energy will flow through the rest of the month?
Of course it's easier to start the month off right when the month begins on a weekend, like May did. As much as I think I'd prefer to lounge around in my pajamas sipping coffee and watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy over the weekend, I have a partner who wakes up early, full of energy, ready to seize the day. So seize we do (even though my seizing begins about an hour or two after his). 

So May began with that get-shit-done attitude which put me on the road at 7 am on a Sunday morning (Chris had been up since 5 am because he seizes harder than me). The destination was a marina in Point Loma so we could jump in Dave's boat to go out and surf. And even though some of us may have suffered a little bit of seasickness I would do it again because WHALES. I take full responsibility for seeing the whale, too, because I willed it so. All weekend I'd been talking about wanting to see a whale and I must have said "Come on whales!" at least 10 times that morning, scanning the horizon while gripping the boat to keep me from going overboard. Then, literally a minute after the guys had paddled back to the boat, surfaced a Grey Whale! I basically summoned it with my animal communication powers...
Surf and sea lions and whales all before lunchtime? Seizing the day! Which gave us so much time to do more so when Cassidy invited me to check out Cary's glassblowing studio I said yes, absolutely. The experience was really cool because I've been the lucky recipient of some of the work that Cary does but I'd never seen the studio itself so I finally got to put a face to a name, so to speak. 
The studio is in Banker's hill in a beautifully restored, bright yellow Victorian house. The industrial machines whir and create intense heat while the ocean breeze floats in through the wide open doors.  Colorful glass creations are on every surface, cool to the touch, which is such a fascinating transformation considering they had all been a thick, boiling hot liquid hours before.  There are stickers and quips and quotes all over. It's a treat for the senses and a fun, inviting place to be. 
And I got to blow glass! And take home a pretty succulent pot! And hang out with two of my favorite people in San Diego. Definitely a great way to begin the month. Which has me thinking about June, because it's almost here. How should I celebrate the beginning of June? It's on a Monday, after all...
How will you welcome the new month?

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Mami said...

Great pictures as always! Hope next month will be as good or better than May has been.