Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Surprise Party

Surprise parties, you either love them or hate them. I'm a fan of throwing surprise parties and being a guest at surprise parties but I'm not sure that I would want to be the person being surprised. I'm too schedule-oriented and I like to plan ahead so a surprise party would just throw me off. Plus, what if I'm not in appropriate attire? I don't dress too cute when I'm not expecting to see people so I'd probably show up at my surprise party with three days worth of unwashed hair haphazardly wrapped in a bun askew on my head, wearing leggings covered in dog hair and the large, faded RHCP shirt I found in the men's section of a thrift store. Surprise, I'm a huge slob and I'm stuck in the 90s!
Maybe don't throw me a surprise party? But please invite me to them! Especially if they're on a beautiful peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a warm, sunny day. 

Some people, like Chris' uncle, know how to do surprise parties right: for your wife's 60th birthday invite a ton of people who can keep a secret from her, have an open bar, lots of snacks, and a grilled cheese truck; conspire with your daughters - have one of them fly down from Boston to "visit" grandma with the baby - giving you the perfect excuse to get her out of the house so you can set up while she strolls around downtown LA; then thirty minutes before arrival have the guests linger in the front yard to increase anticipation and excitement; when she arrives everyone will yell surprise without having to hide quietly in the dark, wait for her reaction, and then continue partying. Done and done.
Aunt Maryanne was definitely surprised and that's all that matters when it comes to surprise parties. All the weeks of planning and anticipation culminated in that one moment everyone had been waiting for: to see the look on her face. After that, it was just a good ol' regular party.
We adults lingered around sipping cocktails and catching up with relatives we see everyday on Instagram but not as often in person and the kids consumed soft drinks and sugar with the same gusto that twenty-one-year-olds reserve for their first kegger. 
As the sun lowered into the horizon we were entertained by the children for hours until the inevitable sugar crash turned them into sweaty, wild-eyed (adorable) monsters, signalling to the rest of us that maybe it was time to call it a night. 
The next morning we woke refreshed and with a sense of having accomplished something, which is always a great feeling to have when you wake up. Our accomplishment being that we were all able to keep the surprise party a secret from the guest of honor, meaning the party was a complete success (even with the emergency room visit that I won't get into here....suffice to say, what's a party without some drama?). So bravo Steve, great party. When's the next one?


Mami said...

How nice! It looks like everybody had lots of fun. And the pictures are beautiful!!

Kallmen said...

As always...great blog with great pictures to mark a special occasion.
XO Kristi

Mary Ann said...

Love all the pictures, the story and you! Thanks for making it so special!

Kristy Robertson said...

These are amazing, Ana!! Thank you so much for capturing such special moments that day!!!