Saturday, March 14, 2015

200th Post

This is my 200th post! A big deal, for me, considering that each post takes about 3-4 hours to create (including editing photos) so that's roughly 600-800 hours that I've put into this blog since May of 2013, when I wrote my 100th post, and I-don't-even-want-to-know how many hours since I wrote my first post, back in 2010.

100 posts ago I was not teaching, we were renting a house in San Marcos, we were not vegan, I drove a Pontiac, I was not a sister-in-law, my parents lived in the U.S, and I had not yet met a few of my closest friends. So much changes in a seemingly short amount of time!
200 posts in I've gained a few more readers and the quality of my photos have greatly improved. No, this blog is not famous and it may never be, but my intention, way back when I published my first post, was to have a space where I could regularly update my friends and family that are spread throughout the globe without having to make a bunch of phone calls (you know how I feel about phone calls) or write a ton of emails.  Now it's become a hobby and a source of relaxation for me so even if only ten people read this thing, I'm going to keep at it.
Here are the top ten most popular posts, all of which were written before I had my fancy digital camera or used Lightroom for editing photos so the quality of the photographs isn't the best. Also, I suspect that a few of the stats on these may have been skewed, due to the fact that this blog (like most blogs) was subject to some anonymous robotic Russian spamming that messed with the number of views, but here they are anyway:

It seems that my posts about Colombia win the popularity contest.
Cheers to 200 posts and to hundreds more!


Mami said...

Congratulations!! On your 200 post. Wow! An incredible numbers of hours, effort, perseverance, and tallent. Thank you for doing it, for sharing your life with the rest of us. We enjoy reading your post immensely, and anxiously wait for the next one.

Mami said...

On the last picture you look a lot like Carol! First I thought you were her. Never saw that resemblance as clearly before.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you and Carol are looking more and more alike!
So the Colombian posts are the favorites, Have to return for more material.

Coot said...

Congratulations! What a milestone! I love reading your blog!

Beauteaous said...

Haha! Yes, you do look like me in the last picture!! Beauteous!