Saturday, February 28, 2015

Oceanside Pier

I think Oceanside might be my favorite city in North County. It's diverse, young, a little funky, a little raw, laid-back, and a good balance between urban and suburban (at least compared to Carlsbad, which is very white, very affluent, and very suburban). Since we live on Oceanside's border we spend a lot of time there. On weekends Chris and I have brunch at Hill Street Cafe or share a pizza and pitcher of beer at The Privateer. Thrift stores in Oceanside? I know them all. When we're there we like to drive around south "Oside" and look at the houses that are for sale, daydreaming of downsizing into a cozy, old house near the ocean. But mostly we like going to the pier.
Chris likes to go for the surf and I like to take photos of him surfing there because I can get a better view at a different angle standing above him on the pier than I can far away on the shore. Until the day I get brave enough to pull on a wetsuit and go out with him, taking photos of him surfing from the pier is the closest I'll get to actually being in the water, especially since Oceanside pier is one of the longest on the west coast, giving me plenty of length to move around wherever the sets are rolling in.

Oceanside Pier is also a popular spot for people watching and sunsets. On any given day of the week the pier is crowded with families, retired couples, eccentric wanderers, fishermen (and women, fisherpeople?), Marines, teenagers, seagulls looking for scraps, diving pelicans, and photographers. I love seeing so many different types of people all together in one public place, a narrow melting pot that's been in existence since the late 19th century.
The sunsets are the main event, of course. Showstoppers, and rightly so. Pink and purple and orange and yellow materialize out of the blue, then reflect on every available surface, shooting more pigments all over until everywhere you look is a kaleidoscope of colors. All around people are out of their minds trying to photograph it, messing with filters and shutter speeds and ISOs, hoping their photos can do it justice and garner many likes on their Instagram feed. I'm guilty of this, too. I have to remind myself to peel the camera off my face and watch the sunset unfold in front of me rather than through my lens. It's breathtaking and beautiful, and every cliche adjective you've heard about sunsets.
But then the pier's lights turn on and sparkle off the surface of the water and sand, creating another layer of wow and I can't help putting the camera up to my face again.

Have a happy weekend everyone!


Mami said...

Wow! Nanita, the pictures are breathtaking!, some look like oil paintings alive on canvas. Beautiful !!!

Caroline said...

Yes, great pictures, and really good writing! It would be cool if you moved to Oceanside!

Anonymous said...

Your photography is amazing!