Thursday, February 5, 2015

January Recap in Photos

I've been so focused on churning out the Austria posts that I haven't written anything about life in San Diego. And here with February already under way I want to recap January before I get even further behind. Sometimes this blogging hobby of mine adds more work than I think hobbies are supposed to. Without further ado, Los Franich did a lot the first month of 2015 and here are some of the highlights.
After spending two weeks in Austria and walking around so much more than I do in the states, one of my goals (not a resolution, those are for breaking) for 2015 is to go on more walks. And not just walking the dogs but walks that get my heart pumping. Luckily we have many trails in San Diego, one of those being around Lake Poway, where we went on an easy hike with Kaya. Sadly we did not make it up to Potato Chip Rock but we plan on it next time!

We camped with friends and the dogs at South Carlsbad State Beach. We were the only ones at the campgrounds in tents, surrounded on all sides by RVs. At first I felt slightly annoyed, like the RVs were taking the camp out of camping, but after spending a cold, rainy night in a tiny tent while Bear and Kaya slept cramped in the back of Chris' truck made the RVs seem like a good idea. Waking up in the middle of the night to slosh through mud while rain is falling on your unprotected head in order to use to the bathroom is absolutely no fun. Note to self: next time bring a raincoat and boots. Also, buy a bigger tent. And maybe leave the dogs at home...
In January I also did my first ever engagement photo shoot! My coworker and friend asked me to shoot her save-the-date photos and it made me feel thrilled and also really nervous. Thrilled that she had enough trust in my amateur photography skills to approach me in the first place and nervous that I wouldn't do a good job, considering that I don't own any special equipment like screens or lights or lens hoods, etc. In the end we had fun and she was happy with the photos and I was happy with the experience. 
January also brought a new member to the Franich clan by way of Chris' cousin's family: Miss Clover June, a Bernese Mountain Dog. We drove up to visit them and to meet her. Obviously she's adorable. Also really fluffy and soft. I'm looking forward to watching her and the kids continue to grow up. Soon, she might actually be bigger than them, perfect for wagon rides.
While we spent a lot of time out and about, most of January was spent at home, with the dogs and the gorgeous California winter sunsets, just the way I like it. 
Thanks for reading and Happy February! 


Kallmen said...

Looks like you guys had a great first month of 2015.

Mami said...

Love all the photos! The beach, the children, the dogs, ... but those sunsets are spectacular! Great job Nanita!

cooter said...

Cool, fun!