Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Colors of Surfing

I've photographed Chris surf in many different places at many different times of the day during every season of the year. While editing his surf photos and trying to come up with a creative post in which to display them that wasn't just more of the same-looking surf shots I realized that I could categorize them by color. The climate, time of day, and settings I choose on my camera all influence the colors in the photograph. Below are the most common color combinations I discovered in my surf shots.

Evening surf sessions, about an hour before the sun sets, usually leave me with yellow and gold tinted photos. The sun lowering in the west leaves a golden hue in the sky which reflects off the water and makes everything look rich and dreamy.

Sometimes the ocean water looks green. According to NASA the green color occurs in areas of the ocean where there are a lot of phytoplankton (plant plankton), which seems true of San Diego beaches. I'm no scientist so don't quote me on that but green of the water in the photos above can't be denied.
Then there's the shades of pink and purple - from a barely noticeable blush, to a bright cotton candy, to a deep violet - that light up the sky and paint the water every sunset.
White is a color seen on the surfboards, in the waves, and in the foam that breaks on the shore. If I play around with the camera's exposure then I can make an entire photo very white in order to bring attention to the focal point of the shot, like the one of Chris doing a turn a few pictures back.
Last, of course, is blue. The quintessential deep blue of the pacific and the bright blue of our Southern California skies. Beautiful blue, my favorite color, the color of our planet, and the color we see most often, especially here along the coast. 
Next time you're at the beach take a moment to look up and look around. What's the color scheme? How does it make you feel? Hopefully happy. Have a great week everyone!


Kallmen said...

Love the surf photos and the colors! All of a sudden for some reason I think I need to go to the beach!

Anonymous said...

Great shots Nanita, love your photos with the beauty, the joy, and the love they reflect! California is awsome! Can't wait to go back!