Sunday, October 19, 2014

Road Tripping

I've had this post drafted for a month but am finally getting around to sharing it. I try to spread out my travel posts so people don't get bored looking at photos of similar things which is why after writing three consecutive posts about the Midwest I decided to put this one aside until now. When we traveled to New Mexico over the summer to visit various members of my family we decided to drive there in our car. Even though I think of Chris and I as expert road trippers we still get a bit restless after several hours of sitting in one spot. To help pass the time (audio books also help) I took a bunch of photos. Here are some of them: views as seen from the passenger seat.
The Land 
The land from Southern California, straight through the middle of Arizona and continuing on to the very eastern border  of New Mexico with Texas, then up north and west to Colorado, then back home to San Diego. From sunrises to sunsets, thunderstorms to dry heat, flat open plains to rocky mesas to mountains covered with pine trees - we drove through it all.
The Structures
When we take a road trip we often drive on farm roads through rural towns where there's not much to see other than wide fields used for agriculture, deserted buildings, and ranches (which still impress me, thus all the photos I took). Sometimes we drive through an actual city where we'll stop to eat. The murals above were all in Phoenix's art district, where we stayed overnight and ate at the popular and delicious vegan restaurant Bragg's Factory Diner. It's definitely worth stopping by even if you're just driving through because it's located right off the highway and they always have a display case full of freshly baked treats.
The Sights
Then, of course, there are the quintessential road trip sights - the signs beckoning weary travelers to stop, take a load off, and buy something; the "Welcome to...." signs; the weird billboards and the old signs pointing you towards an abandoned building. I find photographic inspiration in all of it, especially when I've got nothing else to do as the copilot (which may explain the unplanned detour that added two hours to our trip when we were going from Santa Fe to Navajo Dam...sorry Chris....)
So even though road trips can seem too long, a little stinky, sometimes stressful and then boring, I always end up enjoying them. I can just sit back, read, relax, and daydream (when I'm not driving, of course, which is most of the trip). I think I'm ready for another road trip! Where to??


drew said...

i vote moab!

Anonymous said...

Good pictures! Many are very familiar after our trips to Navajo Dam... now I'm nostalgic.