Sunday, September 28, 2014

Idyllwild (with dogs)

It has come to my attention that I may have a Type A personality. Yet, I think the fact that I wasn't aware of this until recently means my personality is more Type A - (minus), which I feel better about. Still, In order to balance my apparent proclivity toward time management and structure, I am attempting at being more spontaneous. To wit: two weeks ago Chris brought up the possibility of driving to Idyllwild with the dogs for a relaxing weekend in the San Jacinto Mountains and my initial reaction was on the negative side - I wanted more time to plan, I thought it would be complicated with the dogs, what if this, what if that, excuse after excuse. Then I read some Eckhart Tolle, slept on it, woke up the next morning and said "fuck it, let's go" which, in philosophical terms, means seize the day. 
We stayed in a dog-friendly wooden cottage with a tall, open beam ceiling and full length windows with great views of the pine trees at Woodland Park Manor. The furniture, appliances, and decor were all a bit dated (we unknowingly slept with the oven on the first night because we didn't realize the knob had to be rotated all the way to turn it off) but it was quaint and clean and the dogs were comfortable, which is what ultimately matters.   
We spent the evenings sipping drinks on the porch or in the courtyard, playing ping pong by the apple trees, and watching the rabbits and birds (Quail, Woodpeckers, Stellar's Jay, and many others) play and eat seeds from the bird feeders that were hung all around. Nights were spent cozy with dinner and wine in bed while marathon watching American Horror Story. 
We went on a morning hike in Humber Park, a trailhead in the San Bernardino National Forest that is popular for rugged hikes, bouldering, and rock climbing. Since we had the dogs with us we opted for the low-key and scenic Ernie Maxwell Trail, which is one of the few trails in the forest where dogs are allowed. The hike was cool and quiet with picturesque views and colorful trees. We came across a few other hikers  and dogs but for the most part it was peaceful and private.
We ate vegan tacos at La Casita and walked around "downtown" Idyllwild in the afternoon and then went on another hike with just Kaya because old Bear can only handle one hike a day. This time we went on the Perimeter Trail that connects the campsites to the the Idyllwild Nature Center. This was my favorite hike of the day because the views were more expansive, the path was a bit more varied, and we were the only ones on the trail. It was a moderate hike with a more uphill ascents so Kaya did fine but it would have been too hard on Bear's arthritic hips.
We had a wonderful time at Idyllwild, a first visit for us both, plus we were able to escape the record-breaking heat in San Diego for a couple of days (which is no fun when you don't have air conditioning). I guess this means I need to give spontaneity a shot more often and say yes more than I say no. Have a great week everyone and make the most out of it because September 2014 is almost gone!


Anonymous said...

Glad you said yes!, beautiful pictures! LOVE IT!!!

Name said...

Yet another great post; thanks!

Anonymous said...

Loved escaping the heat and reliving the close encounters with nature. Until the next weekend escape! -C