Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Mexico in Photos, Part Two: Santa Fe

Now that the school year has begun it seems like a lifetime ago that I spent a romantic couple of days in Santa Fe with Chris but it was only three weeks ago. Suffice to say, I've been busy. The thing about teaching is that you have to readjust your body and mind back into work mode after having a couple of months off and it's not the easiest thing to do - for me, anyway. My time in the classroom has come to an end for this first week of school (I'm job-sharing again this year) so now I have time to sit at the computer, edit photos, and write.
Santa Fe is absolutely beautiful - the landscape, the architecture, the rich history, the museums, and the art are all impressive. Not til my sister moved to New Mexico had I given much thought to its capital city (the oldest capital in the US) but eventually it became inevitable that we would visit and now I can say with certainty that we'll be back, two days was just not enough time.
We stayed downtown near the central plaza at Casa Cuma, a quaint B&B that catered to our vegan taste buds. Upon arrival our first day we learned that Santa Fe businesses are run like many Spanish-influenced cities, with a midday siesta and early closing hours. Since we were apparently too late to visit museums or shops we began our first evening with happy hour, followed by a very relaxing soak and steam at Ten Thousand Waves, and ending with late dinner and wine at Cafe Pasqual's.
The next morning we were up early to get the most out of our last day in Santa Fe, hoping the heat and monsoons would lay low until we were through with our sightseeing. We managed to make it through both the expansive New Mexico History Museum and the Governor's Palace before lunchtime. 
For lunch we walked to Bumble Bee's, admiring the Pueblo Revival architecture along the way, where we shared a delicious green chile stew and a burrito so massive it required cutlery. 

"That door was her home and she loved it. To me, that's about making that feeling last." - Jane Margolis
After refueling we made our way to the popular Georgia O'Keeffe Museum (so popular it was even featured in an episode of Breaking Bad titled Abiquiu, which is the name of the village where O'Keeffe lived, which inspired many of her paintings). There I learned that O'Keeffe was never on board with the perception that her paintings of flowers were symbolic of the female anatomy, something her work is known for even though she refuted this belief many times, stating that the paintings were a tribute to the sensuality of nature and not vagina. But perhaps my favorite exhibition at the museum wasn't by O'Keeffe at all but rather photos of her taken by Tony Vaccaro in 1960.
Afterwards we made a quick stop at our B&B for a much needed caffeine boost and then we drove to Museum Hill to check out our final two museums of the day, five in total. See, we definitely need to spend more time in Santa Fe because five museums in one day is kind of too much.
The Museum of International Folk Art was so much fun and I wish we could have spent more time there, rather than the thirty minutes we had to literally power walk around before it closed. It contains the world's largest collection of folk art, from wooden sculptures, to textiles, to old toys, and the detail that stood out to me the most was how colorful everything was. I loved it. 
Before the folk art museum we went to the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, which was a sobering and fascinating anthropological experience, spanning the time of the Ancestral Pueblo peoples to the modern day Native Americans that live in the region. In order to respect the Pueblo peoples' culture photography isn't allowed in the museum so the only photos I was able to take were of the amazing sculptures outside. 
Santa Fe truly epitomize's why New Mexico's state nickname is The Land of Enchantment. We can't wait to go back! Next post will be part three of our trip, Navajo Dam, so check back soon(ish). Happy Thursday! 


Name said...

Awesome pictures! Definitely got to see more of Santa Fe.

coot said...

Woohoo! Those museums look awesome!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Santa Fe had so much to offer. Your pictures and comments are so awsome I can't wait to go!!