Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beach Sisters

This is my sister, Caroline. I've written about her before. Yes we have the same parents...sheesh.
During our childhood my sister and I lived in Miami for ten years where weekends were spent with our extended family and friends at the beach. In the morning our parents would cram us all in my dad's big red van, us children sprawled on the floor between coolers of food and drink, hammocks, folding chairs, and bags of towels - the seats were reserved for the adults - drive to one of the many warm south Florida beaches, set up close to the water, and hang out all day long.
Having the sister in San Diego means we can sort of recreate the nostalgia of our youth by going to the beach on a regular basis together again, except now we get to sit in the big people seats on the way there (not that a bunch of children crammed together on the floor of a van without seat belts would ever be okay these days anyway).
The beaches of San Diego are quite different from those in Florida so our traditions of the past are evolving in the present, but change is part of growing up. Here the water is cool, the waves are big, there are fewer sunbathers but more surfers, fewer palm trees but 100% more cliffs and sea lions, less noise, less alcohol, less rain, fewer shells, more stones, better sunsets, cuter guys, and you always bring a sweater with you, just in case. 
Now sister can join us on Surf Wednesdays (or Thursdays, or Fridays, and always on the weekend) for the weekly spirit recharge that being by an ocean gives us. Whether it's surfing, meditating, reading, sipping wine, or all four combined, there's something truly refreshing and calming about being near a large body of water - regardless if it's for the entire day, like when we were younger, or just a couple of hours, like now. Even when I'm reluctant to go I always feel a little better when I do and now I'm so happy to be able to share this special time with my sister.
I don't know about you but I think she seems to be fitting right in. 
Happy Tuesday everyone. Don 't forget to root for the US men's soccer team in the World Cup today, they play Belgium and it's an elimination round! Go USA! And, oh, rabbit, rabbit!


cooter said...

Wooooooo! Beach traditions! I love it! Family! Grown-up seats! Cuter hombrecitos! Fitting in! Exclamation points!!!!
I love you!

Anonymous said...

What's with Cooter's hair on photo #11? Crazy, haha
Love to see you together having so much fun!