Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Vacation, The Beginning

I'm one week into my summer vacation and I've been enjoying every minute. It kicked off with our four year anniversary, which, traditionally, means gifts of fruit or flowers. Chris and I like to put a modern spin on traditional gifts so I planted a grapefruit tree for him and decorated the soil around it with tiny colorful glass mushrooms, while he made a colorful photo collage of the many flowers we've seen on our travels since we've been married.  That evening I packed a blanket and a picnic for us to take to the Moonlight Amphitheater to enjoy for dinner while watching Monty Python's Spamalot. There we shared a bottle of syrah; everything was perfect and I can't wait to go back for another show later this summer.
A couple of days later we celebrated Father's Day with the in-laws, then my sister arrived and we've been having a great time together - whether it be hanging at home, exercising, going out to watch the World Cup soccer games, or visiting new places together.
One of those new places was San Clemente, where we stopped by after dropping Chris off at his cousin's place in Orange County.  San Clemente is an adorable, Spanish-style beach town, central to surfing, and made up of affluent yet laid-back residents, where many of the women we saw were wearing colorful yoga pants. Probably way out of our price range, I'm glad we got to spend a morning there, exploring it together. The plan was to get a vegan snack and then go thrift shopping. We arrived a bit early for the thrift stores so we both ordered a super healthy Blue-Green Envy Smoothie from Active Culture and then meandered down to the pier.
People were friendly in San Clemente, though I can't imagine how anyone could be in a bad mood living in a "Spanish village by the sea". I loved the Spanish Colonial architecture and it's obvious the city makes a lot of effort to preserve the historic style. Probably more of an effort I'd be willing to make to live there (which is why we very deliberately chose to buy a home with no homeowner's association) but one I appreciate and enjoy nonetheless.
Also, I've been noticing that a lot of houses have turf grass instead of real grass and I really like it. It makes so much sense to use it in the dry,arid yards of Southern California - no more wasted water! We will probably lay down turf grass in our backyard once we get rid of the jacuzzi and the massive grill we never use, both came with the house when we bought it. I digress though, back to San Clemente.
Even beautiful cities have thrift stores so we eventually made it to one before heading home and I bought ceramic mugs, black Labrador bookends, and an awesome industrial clock to add to our gallery wall. Soon I'll write a blog post all about the things I've thrifted for our home, a hobby I consistently enjoy. Another pastime that I enjoy is gardening and now that I've got plenty of time to work on our garden I've been watering and pruning and accessorizing. I even bought live ladybugs to eat the pesky aphids that keep appearing our brussel sprouts, kale, and roses.
Seems like many of them have been quick to start reproducing so I hope to have plenty of ladybug offspring around to protect our greens for a long time. 
So week one has been wonderful - lots of down time to do the things I love and still be able to socialize and do daily chores without having to sacrifice anything, including my emotional stability.
Happy Thursday everyone. And gooooooo Colombia, win the World Cup!

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Fun!!! Thanks for sharing, makes me happy!!