Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Vacation

My favorite season is here and we kicked it off with a Summer Solstice party at our house. We made flower crowns, played games, and sipped summery cocktails. It's warm and sunny. I can wear sandals and shorts and short skirts and tops without sleeves (or sleeves without tops, if that's your thing). Summer is about comfort! It's about staying up late and sleeping in. Mimosas in the mornings and naps in the afternoon. Summer is all about adventure, travel, and trying something new, especially for those of us that have the summers off.
This time I've been lucky to have my sister around as my summer sidekick. Since it's likely that she'll be moving to San Diego permanently in August, we've been checking out potential neighborhoods she might enjoy, as well as feeling out possible job opportunities. One very warm day we walked all around the SDSU campus. While there is some modern construction underway the old architecture is so pretty and reminded me of the buildings in San Clemente
We spent a few minutes cooling off under the shade of trees surrounding a serene Koi and turtle pond by the campus' Scripps Cottage. Once we made it back to the car we were pretty hungry, ready for a hearty vegan lunch. Using the Happy Cow app we decided to try Moncai Vegan in North Park.
I had a good feeling about Moncai as soon as we walked in the tiny restaurant and I saw the tree painting with all the vegan books underneath it. They had all of three of Ruby Roth's children's books, which I've been wanting to buy ever since I heard about them many months ago, which we flipped through while waiting for our food. I ordered a BLTA sandwich (maple-smoked bacon tempeh, lettuce, tomato, and avocado with "green goddess sauce") and my sister got the Yucca Black Bean Cakes, served over brown rice, roasted salsa, and drizzled with a mango mustard habanero sauce.  Okay, writing all that just made my mouth water,  remembering how tasty everything was.
What could have made an already perfect lunch even more perfect? Delicious vegan donuts! Maybe there is a God after all...Seriously, though, if you're vegan or transitioning into veganism or just want to try something new, definitely check out Moncai Vegan, at least for their baked goods, you will not be disappointed and that's a promise.  
At the beginning of this post I wrote that summer vacation is a great time to try something new or to revisit something you haven't done in awhile. For me that something happened to be exercise. It seems like only yesterday I ran a half marathon but, alas, it had shamefully been over a year and a half since I'd done anything other than walk the dogs to get my heart pumping (not counting those five times I did yoga...).  I'm not exactly sure how I got to that point but the important thing is how I got out of it - my sister. Having Caroline spend a couple of weeks with me and seeing her work out every single day really motivated me to get off my lazy ass and join her. She was never pushy about it but she did always ask if I wanted to run/swim/bike/hike with her and eventually I just felt too guilty saying no so I finally said yes.
I'm slowly easing back into an exercise routine. Unfortunately, Carol's back in New Mexico for a couple of months so I have to motivate myself but I did go on a 3.5 mile run (mostly a run) with Chris yesterday  morning so I'm trying! The real challenge will be keeping it up once the school year starts but that's too far in the future to dissuade me from doing my best now, day by day.
Thus summer vacation continues pleasantly, the way it should, with sun, fun, the 2014 World Cup, and all kinds of delicious treats, like the fruitastic pitaya bowl we ate after our hike around Calavera Lake. Happy weekend everyone and a happier summer!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go to Moncai Vegan. Takes us there next time please!

coot said...

Fun times!
You can do it! Work out!
I'll be back soon so we can work out together, and eventually join a salsa class!