Friday, June 6, 2014


May was a rough month for me. It began with a dog bite to my face (not the adorable dog above), then a cold, followed by fast spreading wildfires, and ended with an infection (not caused by the bite but possibly exacerbated by it since the antibiotics I took for that made all my good bacteria disappear - TMI?), all while having to do assessments and report cards for the final trimester of the school year.  NOT FUN. When it rains it pours, and so on and so forth. But since I am working on having a more optimistic outlook on life, I know I need to focus on the good things that happened, and there were plenty of those in May, too.
Like the weekend we visited our family in Orange County, where there are children who are quick to push your worries aside because they've got more important things to do, like play soccer and watch the movie Frozen. We also finally got to see the Ford Model A that Kerry's grandfather left him, which is working for the first time in I don't know how many years. Chris got to go with Kerry and the kids on a spin around the block. The most exciting part was the super loud backfire noise it makes about five seconds after it's been shut off, so loud we nervously anticipated it with our ears covered and jumped when we heard the bang.
Then there was the Saturday we sailed around the San Diego Bay with some awesome people, old friends and new friends. The weather was sunny and warm, the beers were icy cold, and the sailing was smooth; everything felt perfect.
For whatever reasons, being around water has a calming effect on me so going sailing right after the wildfires swept through North County was perfect timing to soothe my shattered nerves, much like Surf Wednesdays are perfectly timed to coincide with the middle of the week for a quick refreshing of spirits. And this May we had an extra special Surf Wednesday (technically Thursday) because we spent it with Cassidy and Cary, who also share a strong connection with the ocean.
We also celebrated our one year veganversary, Anita and Carlos came to spend a super fun Memorial Day weekend with us, I saw my childhood idol, Billy Joel, at the Hollywood Bowl with a couple of my amazing coworkers, my sister turned 30, and now it's June. Assessments are done, report cards are finished, and there are only three more days left of school! So, May, you kind of sucked but you were also pretty awesome - either way, you're over. Cheers to June!
Have a happy weekend everyone.

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