Thursday, June 12, 2014


Rocking in the dance hall moving with you
Dancing in the night in the middle of June
My momma told me don't lose you
'Cause the best luck I had was you
-Michael Franti-

WARNING: If mushy, sentimental photos and words make your eyes roll, stop reading now. If you wear your heart on your sleeve like I do, then please proceed.
Four years ago on a warm and humid June day in the Florida Keys, Chris and I were married in front of our family and friends. Leading up to that moment I had been totally calm and collected but when I looked out of the window while I was getting help with my dress and saw all our guests taking their seats, my heart began to race. I remember going down the stairs where my father was waiting for me, and then walking across the deck towards Chris, an instrumental version of "Isn't she lovely" playing through the speakers, keeping my head bowed and my eyes aimed at my feet, squeezing my dad's hand, while tears poured down my freshly made-up face; I was completely overcome with emotion. We were both so nervous and excited about taking this significant step in our lives, feelings fueled by the love and positive energy emanating from our guests.
Even though we'd rehearsed the day before and even though I'm a sentimental person by nature (this blog regularly makes me cry, for real ) I wasn't prepared for the intense love and joy that I felt while in the actual moment. I'd spent so much time planning the wedding and imagining what it would be like that, to suddenly be living it...the realization just blew me away, it was magical.
After our first kiss as husband and wife we walked up the deck together, took a bunch of photos, then I kicked off my shoes and we made our way to the reception area to have fun with everyone else. It was a blast, as all wedding receptions are, but by then I was too tipsy and tired to truly appreciate any of it so locked tight in my memory is the ceremony and everything afterwards is a blur. Thank goodness there are photos to remind me of the fun we had.
A couple of weeks later I started this blog and wrote my first post. Since then I've written about two hundred posts and shared thousands of photos documenting my life with Chris.

 I write this blog to keep my family and friends in the loop when it comes to our lives. I've moved so much that keeping in touch with people is challenging for me and, if you know me well, you know that I do not like talking on the phone (but I will text till my fingers are raw) and I don't have a Facebook account anymore, so this blog makes it possible for me to communicate with my long-distance loved ones in a way that I enjoy - through written words and photographs.
I also write this blog because I simply love to write. I have composition books full of stories and poems that I created starting from when I was in elementary school. I still daydream of dropping everything and dedicating my life to writing young adult novels, or even children's books; becoming the Lucy Maud Montgomery of the twenty-first century with a series called Anita of The Rio Grande Valley.
 Most importantly, I write this blog to remember. To remember how loved I am. To remember how good my life is. To remember how privileged I am. To remember how much fun I'm having. To remember how much I've grown and how much I've learned. To remember my priorities: my family - Chris, the dogs, and someday, our children. To remember the vows and promises I made when I got married and to honor them for my lifetime. Put very simply, this blog is a testament of love, four years in the making.

Chris, happy fourth anniversary! I love you.

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