Friday, April 25, 2014

Cars and More at Chicano Park Day

Ever since Chris took my family and I to see Chicano Park in Barrio Logan over the winter holidays I've acquired quite the admiration for its history and murals, which led me to discover that once a year there's a Chicano Park Day celebration. So I penciled the date in my calendar and eagerly looked forward to it. This past Saturday the day finally arrived and, to make it even more special, my parents happened to be in town again so they were able to go to the event with us. 
Chicano Park Day celebrates the movement that Chicanos in the area participated in during the 1970s to save the park from being turned into a parking lot for highway patrol, which I wrote about in more detail here. Now the park serves as a symbol of resistance and strength for, not only the surrounding community, but for those throughout the country who fight for justice, like my mom and dad. 
Ironically, at least once a year Chicano Park does turn into a parking lot in order to display gorgeous classic cars that have been converted into lowriding works of art by members of various car clubs that come from all over the southwestern United States. Now I don't really know much about cars but I do know a beautiful car when I see one and there were plenty to see.
Each car had it's own unique touch, be it through color or accessories, or both, like the purple car pictured above. The car owners were all close by, usually dressed in black and covered in tattoos, playing it cool and trying not to beam too obviously with pride in their work.
It wasn't just about the cars, though. Set up under the massive concrete pillars that hold up the  I-5 and the Coronado bridge there were music performances, activities for kids, and lots of vendors selling everything from food to art, all with a touch of Mexican inspiration.
We had a great time at Chicano Park Day and are planning to attend again next year for the 45th celebration and making it a yearly family tradition. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, people watching, art, and cars, then you should join us!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great reporting! and great pictures Nanita. I truly had a good time and want to go back! Thank you to both of you for taking us!

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness! and all up my alley. I wanna go next year!