Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Taurus Birthday

This "Bull" celebrated a birthday recently so to commemorate the fortune of adding another year to his life I started thinking about all the reasons that he's special to me, which, somehow, got me thinking of his zodiac sign: Taurus. I'm not an astrology fanatic but I do find it interesting how certain characteristics of people's horoscopes are so spot on, which I found to be the case with Chris' sign
Security: The Taurus is satisfied with life as it is now, knowing that the past and the future are simply memories and imaginations, and chooses to focus his efforts on what he has and not what he can get. Day by day. Little by little. Many think of the Taurus as stubborn, but that's just a negative connotation of a trait that is actually fixed and consistent. 
Subtle strength: The Taurus, whose element is the earth, has the strength of a settler - the physical and mental strength to set lifelong goals and work to accomplish them on a daily basis. The Taurus is a jogger, not a marathon runner. The Taurus does yoga, not boot camp. The Taurus cultivates the earth and tries not to shop at Costco. The Taurus has the strength to be practical. 
Appreciation: The Taurus appreciates his life and his family, he is thankful for what he has and believes that the proverbial glass is half-full; everyday is a celebration of another day of life. For the Taurus the grass is greener right here, even if it's not actually grass but drought-friendly landscaping.  The Taurus understands that being alive is reason enough to appreciate each day, often meaning that the Taurus has good self-esteem because bad self-esteem is for people who live in the past or in the future and the Taurus is all about the present.
Instruction: Once the Taurus has made up his mind about something, the Taurus will work to attain it - be it learning to surf, volunteering with the Peace Corps, or passing the famously hard California Bar Exam on the first try. The Taurus is competitive and driven, but only towards palpable accomplishments.
Patience: The Taurus has a seemingly endless supply of patience. A characteristic that keeps his emotions balanced and usually laid back and calm. This relaxed state of mind gives the Taurus the endurance to fulfill any task, from the most daunting to the most tedious and to enjoy most activities, from the simple to the elaborate.

Come to think of it, this Taurus seems more like a worker ant than a bull, calculated and collaborative, not unpredictable and solitary. And for that, and everything mentioned beforehand, and for so many other reasons, I'm grateful to have such a truly amazing person in my life, and I hope we are able to continue to celebrate his birthday together for many more years to come. 


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said Nanita! We are very happy knowing that he is in your life as well as in ours. He makes our family more complete, I can't imagine it without him! Our love and cheers to your Taurus!!

Kallmen said...

And he has always been so. From the moment he arrived on this Earth he's been this person. The events in his life have solidified these characteristics. Ana, I am so happy my son found a women who gets him and appreciates those qualities. Everyone should be so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks for such a kind post. I always think of myself as fairly simple. You infuse many more traits than I care to admit but they're probably all true. You would know better than most. Great pics as always and I only wish I could write you a post about yourself half as beautiful.