Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Return of Surf Wednesdays

Thank you, Instagram, for alerting me to the fact that today is the first day of spring. Once Daylight Savings hits I'm so giddy about the longer days that I forget about the change in seasons. But spring it certainly is: warmer temperatures, butterflies and bees, birds flying frantically with twigs in their beaks, noisily preparing nests, and bright wildflowers exploding on hillsides - I freaking love it. And the ocean, the ocean with it's blues and greens, with the cloudless sky reflecting from it like a giant mirror; in the spring the ocean beckons us to play in its sand, to leave our sweaters behind, and to bring the sunscreen.
So we do, of course, and often, because inevitably November rolls around and ends the party, bringing coldness and darkness. I don't understand why now can't be standard time all the time?

With the weather and time change Chris is able to surf after work again which means that Surf Wednesdays are back! Yesterday was our first Surf Wednesday since the summertime and it was perfect: wine, camera, quiet beach, private waves, and the sunset.
As I wrote on my first Surf Wednesday post, it's the perfect mid-week recharge that we both need - a way to unplug and connect with nature, to meditate and be in the moment, to celebrate the present and leave Monday and Tuesday in the past and not think about Thursday and Friday - just being there and nowhere else.
Happy spring everyone! 

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Anonymous said...

Delightful pictures -- especially in comparison to the linked surfed wednesday post from last year. Everything looks so polished now. Bien hecho. -C