Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break

Anytime I tell someone that I'm a teacher the usual response has something to do with the vacation time I get and, yes, it's true - teachers get generous chunks of time off from work than do most other professionals and it's well deserved, considering that the average teacher in the US works 53 hours a week. And this week just happens to be the one of those much anticipated breaks from school: spring break. Since I'm fortunate enough to live in an area that's already perfect for spring break I am not doing much traveling and just keeping it local (except for a quick trip to Baja, Mexico later this weekend).
Living so close to the coast means frequent beach trips to lay under the warm sun, which we can do even when it's not spring break but feels much more special when it's the middle of the day on a Monday.
Unfortunately Chris doesn't get the week off but he still gets his surf in when he can and I can go watch him without feeling the stress of having to prepare lessons for the next day. It's like a really long, perfect weekend.
And now that I'm in my thirties spring break is more calm and a bit more wholesome than it used to be, which feels good and like a natural progression. It's about relaxing by the ocean with sunscreen and water to keep myself hydrated and then going home while the sun is still out, to make dinner and hang with Chris and the dogs. I've swapped the booze for "pupcakes" (to celebrate Bear's12th birthday) and the drama for pajama pants and Netflix.
Growing up feels good. 
However you decide to celebrate it, have a happy (and safe) spring break!


Anonymous said...

Great!! Enjoy and have lots of fun

Diana Papazian said...

How lovely. Wish we were there!