Friday, February 14, 2014

Day of Love and Friendship

In many Latinoamericano countries Valentine's Day is called the Day of Love and Friendship (dia de amor y amistad), which I like much better because it doesn't just focus on romantic love - it explicitly states that friends are to be celebrated, too, which takes a lot of pressure off single people and can mean the difference between a crappy holiday and a really great one. It also means that when your sister is in town for a bilingual teacher's conference she doesn't have to spend Valentine's Day alone in her hotel room because it's actually the Day of Love AND Friendship and my sister is my best friend so, naturally, she's spending Valentine's Day with us. Yup, my family is constantly remolding traditional holidays (Festivus, anyone?).

Today I don't have to work so I'll be doing chores (oh joy) and then preparing secret vegan Valentine treats to share with my loved ones. The recipe will be posted in a few days. Till then here are random photos of my version of love to inspire and celebrate this day of love and friendship - may it be a sweet one for all of you!
"LOL - Don't forget to smile!"
*Valentine's Day 2009 - Austin, TX*

Mostly photos of dogs and nature, I know. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thank you!