Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Big Bear Weekend

Chris and I spent the weekend with family at his aunt and uncle's "treehouse" in Big Bear mountain. A year has passed since the last time we were there and, although there was less snow, things were safer this time around. We arrived on Friday night after battling with rush hour traffic and promptly collapsed on the couch where everyone else was snuggled, watching the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics. And although I had initially wished we would have left on Saturday morning in order to avoid the infamous LA traffic it was worth it to wake up and enjoy my favorite time of day in the comfort of a cozy cabin instead of in the cabin of our car. 
Chris spent the morning snowboarding and I put on the boots I never get to wear and played in the snow, something I enjoy whenever I get the chance since it's a rarity everywhere I've lived.
One of the best things about weekends in Big Bear is just hanging out at the cabin without any deadlines, plans, or much responsibility. It allows for guilt-free lounging, which I absolutely love to do (and makes me sound lazy). But I'm not the only one who lives for lounging.
And even though I didn't snowboard or ski I still spent time outdoors getting some sun; you don't have to go to Big Bear just for the snow sports. You can walk around Big Bear Lake and use your imagination to discover all kinds of treasures. Plus it's nice to get out in nature and clear your mind, away from the throngs of people that go up to Big Bear Mountain solely for the board sports.
Nighttime at Big Bear was spent indoors, huddled close under blankets, watching television and sipping cocktails. On Sunday morning we went on a snowy, kid-approved, hike in the wilderness. It was one of my favorite moments of the weekend because it felt so private - the majority of the snow was untouched except for the many animal tracks we spotted so it felt good to be exploring an area not so popular that it's busy with people but popular enough that there stands a unique pine tree that gets decorated for Christmas throughout the year.
Another great weekend. Another reason for personal reflection, for spiritual growth, and for gratitude for the blessings in my life.
Also there was this door:
Happy Wednesday! Now I have to go nurse this cold I feel creeping up. 

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