Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mini H8ters Reunion

The Peace Corps cohort I belonged to was called Hondu 8 which is why we refer to ourselves as the H8ters (haters). We were about fifty and within this larger group smaller cliques inevitably formed. The group I grew closest to was comprised of five girls - Anita, Tara, Sara, Ryan, and Sarah. I think what drew us to each other was our ability to not take ourselves very seriously and our fondness for socializing. What kept us close and sealed the bond were the many embarrassing moments we shared during our two years in the service, situations that are hard to explain unless you've lived in a developing country with five of your closest friends...and also the lack of bathroom etiquette. You'll learn quickly who your true friends are when you can comfortably reminisce about your toilet experiences while traveling abroad without so much as a crinkled nose in response.

Throughout the last six years I've seen each of these girls several times (Sara was even the officiant at my wedding!) but the six of us haven't all been together since we left Honduras in 2008. We knew a reunion was necessary so we managed to make it happen in 2014 and finally all got together in Davis.

Davis seems like a random location for a get-together but both our Sara(h)s were there at the same time for different reasons so we decided to join them.  Davis is a liberal, bike-friendly, university city in YOLO County, which explains everything. 

Mostly we lounged around Sara's house talking about everything from our Peace Corps memories to the dream vacation house we plan on co-owning in the future - complete with a vegan and gluten-free chocolate spa, of course. 

We spent some time wandering the streets of Davis, too: thrifting, eating, drinking, and sightseeing.

We visited the Davis Domes , a sustainable cooperative housing community where Sara lived when she was in the UC Davis PhD program for nutrition. 

Then we spent our last night and afternoon together in San Francisco, where we ate more delicious, healthy food (Gracias Madre in the Mission and Loving Hut in the Sunset District) and window shopped in Haight-Ashbury. A bonus to being in San Francisco was that I got to see my brother again, along with a couple of other friends I hold dear.

It was sad to part ways - it always is - but I am so lucky to have a phenomenal group of like-minded, intelligent,creative, and strong girlfriends and I've got the Peace Corps to thank for helping us find each other in this vast and often vapid country. Till next time!

More posts to come soon as I've got hundreds of pictures stored from the last couple of weeks from when my family was here visiting. Happy Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. I'm very happy that you have such great friends!