Saturday, January 11, 2014

Middle Sister

I have two siblings: James and Caroline. Since we don't live near each other we get together two, maybe three, times a year (though I wish it were more often). My sister and I have a dream brewing which would put us in the same city but until that happens we rely on holidays and summer vacations to meet up. Last year we spent Christmas together in Colombia, our motherland, and this year we spent it here in San Diego, at our new house. They each were accompanied by their significant others and Caroline even brought her little dog, Macy, whom I adore even when she almost bites me in the thigh.

I'm obviously genetically biased but my siblings are the best. I am content to just hang out in their company, whether it be in silence or in conversation, playing cards or browsing the internet. I can be myself - slightly introverted, dorky, quirky, and occasionally feisty - without the societal fear of rejection because I don't have to impress these two or live up to some arbitrary standard - together we are way past that; we are the safety net, we are the zen state. Basically it was really nice just being with them and their partners, Tina and Drew, in sunny, coastal, and friendly San Diego.

Christmas day was spent opening presents for the dogs (the rest of us having agreed not to buy gifts for each other) and then having dinner and drinks at The Allmen Ranch, which is always fun because of it's location in the hilly countryside, all the animals, and all the grown-up toys. James had been there before but none of the others had so I was excited to share my in-law's special home with them. 

I love seeing my brother and sister, along with Tina and Drew, interact with Chris' family because we're really just one growing family, paving the way for new bonds and maybe new siblings someday.

It's also interesting to see James and Caroline (and myself, I suppose) as independent adults forming their own relationships and living their own lives, away from the nest but always fitting back in so well, regardless of their growth - willing to seek the company of their brother and sister even when the momma and poppa bird aren't around to enforce it.
These guys, they're freaking awesome and I am one proud middle sister. Missing them a bunch but blessed with a family I honestly miss when they're gone. 

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Anonymous said...

Love it!. Reading this blog makes me especially happy and also very proud of you!