Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stationary Point Of View

When I take photos I'm usually moving around and exploring: crouching down, stretching, standing on a chair, leaning forward, etc, so my point of view is all over the place. The last time I took photos, though, it was at the beach during sunset and I was cold so I stayed in place, bundled up on a blanket with the camera in my hands. I intended to take shots of Chris and Magnus but I easily lost track of them among the other surfers, all looking identical from the shore with the sun setting behind them.
Instead I took photos of people passing by, crossing my stationary point of view - runners, surfers, couples, and families. These images aren't revolutionary or mind blowing, just signs of me working on getting comfortable taking photos of people, even if they aren't aware of it. I noticed that most people that walked by looked either towards the ocean or towards their feet, I guess they're two familiar and safe places to rest your eyes. I enjoy seeing how time progresses through these photos, too; the sky getting really bright at times as the sun pokes through behind clouds while it descends until, eventually, dusk is upon us.

Happy Tuesday!

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Kallmen said...

My favorite photo was the very last one. Your view on your blanket....