Monday, November 4, 2013

The Weekend

Our new house is fairly close to the ocean, not quite walking distance but close enough that on a clear day you can see a faint outline of the Pacific from our backyard. This proximity is conducive to last minute sunset strolls along the boardwalk with the dogs, which we did on Friday evening. Since I'm not a fan of plans done on a whim I protested at first - I had just gotten home from work, still nursing a lingering cold, and didn't feel like going out again - but in retrospect was very happy to have gone because it was beautiful and will probably be the last Friday sunset we'll get to enjoy in awhile since daylight savings has ended and now it'll be dark by the time we're both finished working.

Saturday, still feeling slightly sick, I was mostly a couch potato and stuck painter's tape to the back of the photos for our new Instagram accent wall which Chris put up before he went to his grandmother's. Then I laid on the couch and watched the horror film Carrie on Netflix with my iPad resting on my stomach. That night we went to The Compass in Old Carlsbad for dinner with a couple of my teacher friends, all of whom also have a cold. At least we could make each other laugh about the germs running rampant in our classrooms (note to self: if a student coughs directly into your mouth you're probably going to get sick).

Sunday morning we woke up before 6am (rotten standard time change) and decided to meet cousin Kerry and the family for some early shopping at the Orange County outdoor antique market. 

"Uncle Christopher, can you buy this for me?"

There were several items I wanted to buy, like the Haiti painting a few photos back, but I try to spend by the motto that "If it's meant to be it'll be there when I return". Plus I'm a little worried about antiques containing lead so I need to do some research before I commit to buying something. The trip was still worth it because antique markets are like museums with the random assortment of stuff the vendors carry; always interesting to look at. Afterwards we went to a nearby farmer's market to scope out the produce and to buy lunch.

*Check out Rowen's stink-eye, so awesome.

It was a great weekend, slow and lazy - my favorite. 
Happy Monday everyone!

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