Monday, November 25, 2013


This morning at 7 AM, warm under a pile of blankets and pillows, I woke up with a smile on my face because Thanksgiving vacation has officially begun and I don't have to work this week. That would make you smile, too, right?  Now I get to enjoy my favorite part of the day without feeling rushed - lazy mornings are the best. Here at Casa Franich we are experts at the lazy weekend mornings, which for Chris tend to end a bit sooner than for me as he usually goes surfing mid morning while the dogs and I lounge around till noon. This past weekend was no exception to the rule.

Freshly brewed coffee continuously in my mug; clean laundry piled on our bed; a face free from makeup; the sun drying out the water and chilliness collected throughout a week of rain and clouds and our succulents embracing its generosity; this is the stuff lazy mornings are made of.

And when the mornings are lazy the days seem longer, which makes it the perfect combination for exploring your city. When we moved to Carlsbad Chris and I decided that we were going to visit one new place in San Diego every weekend so that we get to know this large county better. This weekend we decided to head over to neighboring Oceanside to check out the Surf Museum.  In and of itself Oceanside is a cool city with a friendly and casual beachy feel, complete with one of the Alta California Missions, the longest wooden pier in the Western U.S, the Marine Corps' Camp Pendleton, and, of course, it's pretty coastline. 

On lazy mornings we eat a light breakfast so we can eat a large lunch and Oceanside has it's fair share of vegan options for us and our favorite has quickly become Hill Street Cafe, a "certified green restaurant" inside of a Victorian house built in 1888. The menu is extensive and the food is great.

On a side street in the block someone planted a bunch of fruits and vegetables on public property. The guy that Chris asked said he wasn't sure who had done it but thought it might have been the person who lives at the house on the corner of the alley. Either way we were very impressed by the healthy crops and had to stop and take some photos before going to the Surf Museum. There were strawberries, radishes, artichokes, brussel sprouts, herbs, green onions, kale, and much more. What a smart use of public property: forget flowers and grass, plant stuff that can actually feed people.

After ogling the healthy harvest we  made it to the museum. It's small - just one floor with a large, open room - but the history of surfing, surf culture in California, and of surf boards was interesting. They even have the board that pro surfer Bethany Hamilton was riding when her left arm was bitten off by a Tiger Shark. Scary.

We had fun playing in Oceanside. It's a colorful little city with a laid-back atmosphere and we're happy to be living nearby. 

I'll be posting a new vegan recipe soon (it's been months since I've shared any) so check back and thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

What a most excellent entry. I want to follow up with this guy who appears to have unilaterally decided to start growing veggies on street corners. Courageous and a green thumb to boot. Good little factoid about the Hill Street house too. I wonder what the neighborhood looked like when it was first built.

Great pictures as always and a friendly reminder that lazy Saturdays are the best.