Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Making Progress

Life still seems a bit disorganized at times due to the big move but little by little things are falling into place. We finally had shades installed on all the upstairs windows which means that now I can dress for work without hiding in the bathroom.

New shades in the blue room

Slowly (and not-so-patiently, on my part) we've begun acquiring furniture and household decor. Downstairs is probably 70% complete. I'm still thinking of ways to fill the large blank space on the dining room wall (statement art piece, open shelves, hooks to hang random stuff?) and the family room and bar area still need some work but for now it's functional and, I hope, welcoming. 

*I probably should have removed that chair from the couch before taking this photo...

There's still much to do upstairs but it's not a priority since most of our time is spent downstairs. It's a lot of work to furnish and decorate four rooms! Work that just doesn't seem as important as lounging on the chaise watching Drop Dead Diva after hanging out with twenty-one kindergartners all day.

We have also begun setting down roots, in the literal sense, by planting fruit trees and a couple of raised-bed gardens in the backyard. We're determined to have enough vegetables planted and grown to feed my family when they come visit in December and, since we're almost all vegan and vegetarian now, we'll be needing a
lot of vegetables.

We planted a mixture of seedlings and seeds, almost all of which have been doing pretty well! I never imagined I would feel so excited about watching seeds grow, checking them every morning and then jumping for joy when the first hint of green poked out from under the soil.

*Protectively hovering over the cilantro I grew from tiny seeds.

And when those little green sprouts begin to resemble real food it's enough to make my heart race. If we're this smitten with watching plants grow then I can't fathom what having children would be like...

With the gardens blooming, our hammocks swaying in the wind, and the great weather, our backyard has become very inviting.

I think we've made significant progress over the last three months; now it's time for the parties! Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Love it! I can't wait to see you guys and the house

Anonymous said...

I like how you have a carefully placed dog staged in the room in many of your pictures. Is it something subliminal, perhaps?