Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Photos of Weekend Things

In order to make the most of our Maui vacation (so soon!) I decided to invest in a couple of new lenses for our DSLR camera - a 50 mm lens and a 14 mm wide angle lens . The lenses arrived at our front door on Saturday morning and I immediately began taking photos with them. The wide angle lens is a little challenging because it's completely manual so I need to play around with the aperture, shutter speed, and focus a bit to get the photo right. The 50 mm lens is much easier for an amateur like me to get used to.

I decided that to best way to familiarize myself with them was to carry them with me everywhere I went over the weekend, during daylight, and just take pictures of everyday life. The following photos are the ones I liked best from the whole bunch and as you'll see I still have a lot to learn but sometimes that's the best way - trial and error. You can probably tell which ones were taken with which lens, too.

Surf Sunday:

Lounging at Casa Franich:

Daily Dog Walk:

Visiting Kristi and Dave (my in-laws) at their ranch:

There you have it, very basic photography of simple subjects to shoot. I'm still not too comfortable taking photos of people, which is why there aren't any except of Chris, but that's another skill I'm going to work on. Little by little, day by day, insert your own mundane cliche here ____________________.

If you feel like sharing any photography tips please leave them in a comment. Thanks and have a great week y'all!

P.S - I've heard from a couple of you that commenting has been difficult for some reason so I got rid of the word verification which should make it easier. If I continue getting spam comments then I will have to figure out another way to deal with commenting but for now it should be simple enough.

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Anonymous said...

The new camera and lenses are paying dividends. Excited to see the shots from Maui. C