Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Subtitle: Feast of Love

We traveled to Maui for a wedding in which Chris was the best man. He's been the best man in so many weddings that I've lost count, but they've all been important. This time the honor was bestowed upon him by his best friend, Dave, whom he's known since preschool.

The wedding festivities all took place in Makena, on the southwestern slope of Maui, a popular location with tourists and sea turtles. The rehearsal was everything you'd expect from a destination wedding in Hawaii - fruity drinks, leis, and hula dancing lessons. There were many heartfelt speeches (the best of which was Chris'), many toasts - my favorite given by the father of the groom who declared the occasion a "feast of love" -, a photo booth which I generously used no less than eight times, and lots of silly dancing.

*And, always, the requisite Smirnoff icing that apparently is synonymous with weddings (Google it).

The evening of the ceremony and reception was a bit more family-friendly and less adults-gone-wild than the rehearsal dinner but still very fun, as weddings are apt to be. The ceremony was officiated by a Hawaiian minister who, apart from being funny and light-hearted, incorporated several aspects of Hawaiian culture into the wedding. 

The part that resonated with me the most was when he spoke about the meaning of the word Makena, the part of Maui where the wedding was held. He said that makena means abundance and then had us reflect on the abundance surrounding us at that moment - the ocean, the land, the sun, our friends and family, and love. At that moment (and in so many others during our lives if we just think about it) we were soaking in the riches that money can't buy - makena, indeed.

Money can buy you a trip to Hawaii but it won't buy you a family that's so overwhelmingly proud of and elated for you that tears stream down their cheeks into smiling mouths - makena.

Money will buy you a condo for the week but it won't buy you a groom and groomsmen so stinking cute that they schedule "feelings talks" and have champagne toasts in their underwear before the ceremony - makena.

Money can buy you a nice camera but it can't buy you the feelings captured in a photograph of a little girl and her grandmother so unabashedly in love with each other that they can't be separated - makena.

Money can buy you the ring but it can't buy you love - makena.

Money will buy you the electric dance floor but it won't buy you the joy of dance - makena.

So dance like no one's watching.

Money does buy this awesome jacket but not the outpouring of compliments you'll get from wearing it - makena.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Have a great week and look for the makena around you! 
All photos taken by me and Chris.


Anonymous said...

Great post! And you did get the Best Man, Nana!

Chris said...

Great post indeed. Looking into hawaiian shaved ice franchises right now so we can up our makena of shaved ice and time in da islands. Joking aside, can't wait to go back. These events always leave me feeling like it wasn't enough. Until the next special event.


alan larson said...

Wonderful photos and comments...nice to relive again those memorable moments, esp. the Risky Business dancing!. Thanks again Chris and Ana