Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kobey's Swap Meet

I've enjoyed thrift shopping since back when I started high school in Texas and was introduced to all the "ropa usada" stores near the border, basically small buildings packed full of used clothing that is making it's way down south. It was the perfect place for a young teenage girl to shop with her allowance money, often buying a pound of clothes for one quarter. Sure, much time was spent sifting through gnarly piles of clothing but it was all worth it to discover the treasures that might lay underneath. I'll never forget one of my favorite finds, a grey t- shirt with the green Cheers logo written across the chest, so soft from years of use and the perfect fit.

Really, life? Did this picture really take place seventeen years ago? Also, what is going on with my facial expression? Sigh...

I still go thrifting but instead of spending time searching for clothes (although I did find the sweetest black vintage jumpsuit not too long ago) I head straight to the housewares section in search of home decor. I look for things that are quirky, vintage, or antique, which, in turn, has led me to discover antique malls. Then I heard people mentioning all the fantastic stuff they've found at flea markets and after a quick Google search I found Kobey's Swap Meet at the San Diego Sports Arena. So this past Sunday Chris and I ate an early breakfast, filled our travel mugs with coffee, jumped in his truck, and drove south in search of a couple of pieces of furniture and an answer - what the heck is a swap meet?

Maybe swap meets mean something else in other parts of the country but here in San Diego it seems to just be another name for an outdoor flea market, which is what I had imagined. There were hundreds of vendors set up under tents selling new, used, and everything in between. A one stop shop for the garage and estate sale enthusiast where you can also buy groceries and that Plumeria tree you've been wanting.

We didn't buy any furniture (although I saw several items I would have bought if they hadn't needed reupholstering) but we had fun walking up and down the many rows of vendors, checking out all the interesting crap items people were trying to sell. 

*Give me all the Pyrex.

If walking around crowded places, people and dog watching, and negotiating prices aren't for you then you may want to stay away from swap meets and flea markets (and New York City). But if it all sounds like an exciting way to spend a Sunday morning then check out Yelp for the nearest outdoor market in your area. You may not buy much but you'll certainly burn a few calories, until you eat that shaved ice you drowned in syrup...

But don't feel bad because you'll need the energy to keep you going; there's a lot to look at. Just be thankful you wore your comfy Toms shoes.

About three hours later we returned to the truck with a handful of purchases: several Mexican bobblehead animals, six Pyrex mugs and one bowl, and incense. 

Obviously my biggest regret was not buying the cavemen toys but there's always next time...

*All photos taken by Chris*


Anonymous said...

Glad you both had fun!

Anonymous said...

Will you be getting that sweet pair of dog shoes for Kaya and Bear? : )