Friday, July 5, 2013

New Mexico in Photos - Part Two

This is my brother, James. He's a Marine Corps veteran living in San Francisco, which Yahoo News recently dubbed the "snobbiest" city in the U.S. He met up with us in New Mexico and it was nice to have the three of us siblings together again.

*Wearing silly graphic tees is apparently a genetic trait.

As we'd been doing before James arrived we began our day with a healthy vegan breakfast (Big Wave Granola, of course, fresh papaya and blueberries, Nespressos sweetened with coconut creamer) and then set out to explore some of the ruins of the Pueblo People in Navajo Dam and Aztec.

The first ruin my sister took us to was a mile hike up the San Juan River Trails in the park. It was a solitary structure built upon a massive boulder that looked like it was used as a watch tower.

After the hike back down the mesa Carol drove us to Aztec to visit the site known as the Aztec Ruins which preserves some of the ancestral architecture of the Pueblo Indians.

Whenever I visit Native American ruins and museums I always walk away feeling a bit sad and ashamed about what was done, and continues to be done, to them, their land, and their culture. More often than not I'm left wondering how different the world would have been if the ancestral Europeans, our "Founding Fathers", had entered into a relationship of mutual respect with the American Indian People instead of one of domination and reform.

These kinds of sobering thoughts call for something alcoholic so it's no coincidence that we visited a winery that evening.

Wines of the San Juan winery is a beautiful, sustainable, family-run organization in Blanco, New Mexico. Self  proclaimed "cowboys", the Arnold family has built a spectacular testimony to the benefits of hard work in the form of their grassroots winery and farm, laying under the green bosom of lush cottonwood trees. And the wine is good, too!

Living off the land, surrounded by family, doing mostly everything for themselves, being aware of their ecological footprint- it's the type of living situation I'd like to adopt for myself.

*And swings! Obviously I need to have swings.

Although starting a family winery in California is probably next to impossible, way too much competition, but maybe a Bear Beer Brewery?

*One of the newest flavors: E-ville Brown Ale

On the next post more photos from my recent travels: seven states in less than two weeks!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

Kallmen said...

I love the picture of the three of you each with your own unique t-shirt! Super pictures. You have quite a few fantastic pictures you should collage for your mom for a gift!

Carolina Barrrrrrrrrel said...

Yaaaay! Happy Family Fun Times!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nanita for keeping me informed trough your posts. I love them!, love the pictures and agree with Kallmen!
I can't wait to get together again for more Happy Family Times!!!