Friday, July 12, 2013

Manhattan, Kansas In Photos - The Little Apple

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the kitchen of my father's apartment for the first time, eating breakfast. Having arrived late the night before, after being on the road the entire day, I was too tired to look around his place so I hadn't noticed the colorful ceiling fan in the kitchen. I took a photo of the fun fan and posted it to Instagram with the caption "Waking up at my father's place".  Later my dad said that people reading that might think he and my mom are divorced, so, let me assure you that my parents are not divorced - just in a long distance relationship due to work-related constraints. My father's job with the US Department of Agriculture has relocated him several times throughout his career and this time they decided there's no better place to send a research entomologist than to the breadbasket of our nation - The Great Plains.

Having never been to Kansas before I was fully expecting it to look like it does in The Wizard of Oz but I was pleasantly surprised to see this:

And this:

And this:

Kansas, at least Manhattan, is quite pretty. Verdant, lots of shade, clean, and just the right amount of moisture to heal the dry skin that New Mexico gifted me. It's also home to Kansas State University which means it's an educated city with an influx of young, diverse people throughout the year.In fact, at the apartment complex serving as my father's temporary home, he's part of the very small minority of people over 30, which was evident from the pool full of college kids tanning, boozing, and smoking.

What does one do for fun in Manhattan (other than the obvious aforementioned pool lounging)?
If your dad is a bug doctor like mine you look at insects:

You tour the land:

*Call Hall Dairy Bar sells ice cream processed by K-State

You eat dinner somewhere (Taco Lucha!) in Aggieville, Manhattan's tiny, yet bustling college shopping district, saturated with bars and restaurants.

You take an impromptu, tipsy evening tour of K-State:

Then you go home for a good night's rest because the following day you're driving to Missouri. More on that next post!

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