Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Durango and Topeka, In Photos

I'm going a little backwards here so bear with me...
Getting to Navajo Dam, New Mexico, takes a bit of planning since there are no direct flights. One option is to fly to Durango, Colorado - 45 minutes away - and have your sister pick you up. You can even stop by the Southern Ute people's gorgeous cultural center on your way to the airport.

If your sister's a badass, like mine, then she'll take you to eat a massive vegan lunch  and cruise around Durango's adorable historic downtown district. You might even stumble upon a consignment store and buy a pair of shorts.

If you feel like taking in some nature (which is easy to do anywhere in Colorado) while visiting downtown Durango you can walk along the Animas River, which is just a short distance away. Popular, especially in the summer, for rafting, tubing, and fly fishing.

Now, speaking of options in traveling, if you are visiting Manhattan, Kansas but don't feel like paying the extra price to fly  to and from it's small airport, you can always have your awesome dad drive you two hours to Kansas City, Missouri, where flights are more frequent and less expensive.

On your way to Kansas City you should swing by Topeka and check out the Brown v Board of Education National Historical Site. It's a museum that used to be Monroe Elementary, a segregated public school which three of the plaintiffs' children from the famous civil rights case attended before it, and all public schools, became legally desegregated in 1954.

There are four educative galleries downstairs and the upstairs houses offices and meeting rooms. The hallways are lined with colorful art made by students from different schools in Topeka and the country. The building has been carefully rehabilitated to reflect what it would have looked like in the 1950s. When we visited it was just past noon and the building was practically empty, which gave us plenty of freedom to browse undisturbed.

*The wisdom of children
*I think I've become slightly obsessed with crows ever since my rescue mission...

It's a fantastic site and if you're in Topeka it really is worth seeing in person. They also have a great little souvenir shop that has a selection of diverse children's books that you don't normally see on display in mainstream bookstores, like the Cesar Chavez one, Harvesting Hope, that I immediately purchased upon sight (with a 20% discount for teachers!). 

On the next post I travel to Virginia (the 7th and final state in my two weeks of travel) to reunite with Chris for his cousin's wedding in Round Hill. Many more photos to come!


Anonymous said...

Badass sister and awesome dad! What about brother?

Chris said...

I've never been to Durango but would like to... especially summertime. Looks warm and lots of outdoors activities and food for days. And awesome cunados ;-)