Saturday, July 20, 2013

Amber's Wedding in Virginia

I end my series of this summer's photo-filled travel posts with cousin Amber's wedding in Round Hill, Virginia.

Pictured above smooching her hairstylist, Amber first introduced us to her  husband Zach three years ago, the spring before our wedding. Chris liked him immediately because of Zach's career as a soccer coach at Georgetown and I liked him immediately because of his down-to-earth personality. Did we think they'd be engaged and married three years later? No, but we weren't surprised when it happened, either; it just seemed like the obvious thing to do.

*Three years ago

So with happiness in our hearts we traveled to Virginia (lush, green, wet Virginia - I miss the rainy east coast in the summer!) to celebrate them both and welcome Zach into the extended family; a fun family I'm lucky to have been added to, as well, thanks to Chris. 

*The youngest member of the extended family - Willow Rose!

The welcome party, ceremony, and reception were all held at a farm in  the middle of Virginia's wine and horse country - complete with grassy rolling hills and wooden fences. 

The Welcome Party:
*The ubiquitous dork pose

The Wedding:

*The glowing newlyweds - Amber and Zach

As always, the wedding weekend was a blast and went by too quickly. I wish we would incorporate the Indian way of doing weddings and have them last a week!

Thank you for reading all my recent travel posts. In the near future I'll be writing about the house we just bought (eek!) and about our decision to become vegans (double eek!) so please check back and, if you don't already, consider following this blog on bloglovin'! It's an easy way to manage all the blogs you read and new posts are added automatically so you never miss out.

Till next time, have a great weekend!

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