Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Break (AKA, The Main Reason I'm A Teacher...sorry kids!)

I started working two and a half months ago and then, suddenly, it was June, the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation. It's glorious, simply glorious.

The 6 AM alarm I had set on my phone has been turned off and, once again, I'm enjoying slow mornings. Yes, the perks of being a teacher. Have I mentioned I'll be teaching again next year? Kindergarten, but only part-time; the other half of the week I'm going to continue being the school's community liaison. But enough about work, I'm too busy enjoying all this free time!

Chris still has to work but we've got Surf Wednesdays to help get him through the week.

 Unfortunately for Chris this Wednesday he'll have to celebrate the middle of the week without me because I'll be in New Mexico visiting my sister. My dad and brother are meeting us there, too, and then we'll be traveling together to Kansas and then I'll be going solo to Virginia. I'm excited to see my family, to become acquainted with a part of the country I don't know (Kansas and New Mexico) and to continue practicing my photography with new scenery and subjects! Blogging will be at a minimum for the next couple of weeks but I'll try to write at least a couple of short posts to keep you updated. And I'll be posting plenty of pictures on my Instagram account so you can follow me there if you'd like.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the summer, it's officially here on June 21st!


Anonymous said...

Teachers have it soooo easy, right? ;-)

Chris said...

And this week will also include surf Thursday, surf Friday, surf Saturday... you get the idea :) Have a fun trip!

The pups and I will miss you


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it!!!! have lots of fun!