Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Say Hey (I Love You)

Today is our three year wedding anniversary and this is a love story.

If the title of this post seems familiar that's probably because it's the name of a popular Michael Franti song, which is the song Chris and I chose for the first dance on our wedding night. We didn't rehearse, we just let the music move us (which, apparently, involves finger-pointing on my part).

This notion of spontaneity is common lore in love stories: Having had her heart recently broken, Girl gives up on love and sows her wild oats. One day Girl meets Boy at a Peace Corps-related event and isn't impressed, is even sort of rude. Boy calls Girl to work on a project together and Girl agrees. Boy and Girl begin to spend more time together as "just friends". Months pass and Boy and Girl engage in regular bouts of  heated discussion about stupid shit. Still they are platonic friends. At a party Boy and Girl get into a huge fight arguing about the merits of  the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Girl storms away; Boy does not follow. Girl thinks about how stupid Boy is and decides not to hang out with him anymore. A week later Girl goes to Boy's party and their friendship is taken to the next level. Boy falls quickly in love and Girl quickly pushes Boy away, over and over and over again. Girl tells Boy they can't see each other anymore and then contacts Boy the following day. She professes her love to Boy, confidentially tells her sister that he's the one she's going to marry, and then leaves the country. Boy and Girl have long-distance relationship and when Boy's Peace Corps service is over moves in with Girl, and the rest is history.

The past years of our relationship, condensed in this picture timeline:

*Public Display of Affection in front of a pulperia in Corquin, Honduras
*Smooches on a dock in Tela, Honduras
*Sharing a hammock in Tela, Honduras
*Our first Valentine's Day in the U.S in Austin, Texas
*A month after our move to Miami Chris proposes to me (and this blurry picture is proof).
*Not sure what's making me smile more - the ring or the frozen yogurt.
*Holidays at the Turks and Caicos
*Barrister's Ball at the University of Miami; Chris' first year of law school
*The day before our wedding, at Islamorada in the Florida Keys
*Wedding Day - June 12, 2010
*Mr. and Mrs. 
*Honey Moon in Zihuatanejo, Mexico
*Chris' graduation from the University of Miami Law School
*A Farewell-to-Florida trip to Key West
*Holidays in Colombia
*San Diegans

I hadn't planned on falling in love with Chris, but in love I fell. Cheers to spontaneity, cheers to love!


Anonymous said...

What a story. You two are a special couple.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely and entertaining story. Now, in all seriousness…where can I get a shark hat? ; )

Kallmen said...

AWWW! Great love story and glad you did find each other. We are a lucky family!