Monday, June 3, 2013


Chris and I spent all day Saturday with family celebrating milestones.  

In the morning we headed north for little Rowen’s first birthday party. I know it’s cliché but time freaking flies by and birthdays are unapologetic reminders of just how fast it goes. It doesn’t seem like that much time has passed since the day Kerry and Steph announced they were expecting their third by way of an adorable photograph showing everyone’s feet lined up  in a row, from oldest to youngest, with a fifth empty pair of tiny shoes at the end.  Now this empty pair of shoes is a one year old with chocolate all over her face? 

As is the norm for most infant’s birthday parties, the birthday girl was clueless as to why so many people were there doting on her and she certainly didn’t know what the deal was with any of the presents or cards she was given. Luckily she has two older siblings that are now pros at the kid’s party scene and took charge when needed. All Rowen really seemed to care about was the cake, which goes without saying because, hello, it’s cake. Still, it’s a milestone no less even if the person of honor doesn’t know it yet, plus any reason for a party is a good reason for me.

After the cake was cut and I got to satisfy my new found baby-eating-cake fascination Chris and I headed back south to attend another party in celebration of another milestone – Uncle Doug’s retirement. Doug’s time working as a therapist for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and as the director and team leader for the Temecula Vet Center has come to an end.  As a therapist for war veterans Doug and recently his service dog Scotty have helped countless individuals and families readjust to life after combat, so a big retirement party was the only way to properly signal the end of his career.

Speeches were given, toasts were made, hugs went around, and tears and laughter shared. As often happens with counselors Doug listened tirelessly to a lot of issues, many of them depressing, and now it’s time for his healing process to begin, too.  I hope it involves plenty of fresh air, salty water, and chilled white wine – he deserves it.

 Two milestones, two people we love, two lives at opposite ends - one barely beginning and one winding down - and two more reasons to celebrate the present; to celebrate life.

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