Thursday, June 6, 2013

Around Here

Most of the posts I write center around events that occur on the weekends and I realize that's an unfair portrayal of life because there are so many more week days than ends. Most people regard the weekdays as a means to an end but I'm trying to get in the habit of embracing and enjoying every day, even boring Tuesdays and middle-of-the-week Wednesdays. I admit that I have an advantage to finding fun in the middle of the week due to my part-time schedule but I'm going to try to keep up the optimism when I begin working full-time in August, too.

In order to enjoy the mundane I think it's important to live in a space that's enjoyable. This seems obvious enough but it's worth mentioning because simple things like quirky upholstery and tiny succulents can really brighten a tedious day, even if just for a second. And these are added joys that don't have to cost much, if anything at all. For example, bigger succulents can be easily propagated into smaller ones and thrift stores have a vast array of treasures waiting to be discovered - which is why I like thrifting so much. Just last week I stopped by the thrift store closest to my house because everything was half-off ; I found four items for about $5 that make me happy whenever I look at them.

The green ceramics are vintage from Japan, the book is an autobiography by noted feminist Audre Lorde, and the wooden tea light holder was still in it's packaging from Ikea. The figurines now sit on the windowsill in the kitchen, the book will be coming with me on my vacation to New Mexico, and I turned the tea light holder into a mini-succulent garden (and it's amazing).

Another activity that I've begun to enjoy, which I've mentioned very briefly before, is bird watching. And I don't mean hiking around with a pair of binoculars swinging from my neck., that's way too much planning for me. Plus, once I'm home I immediately put on pajama-related clothing, even if it's noon, and I tend to not leave the house unless it's an emergency or to take the dogs on their daily walk. So, for me, bird watching means sitting in the backyard with coffee or wine and just kind of zoning out until some bird will catch my attention. It may sound dorky but I don't care. Also, don't think you have to live in the country to bird watch; we live a stone's throw from the freeway and we've still got plenty of bird action around here.

Ever since I rescued the young crow a couple of weeks ago (and possibly because of Game of Thrones) I've become fascinated with the species and since they're so prevalent around here it's easy to observe them. Lately the crows are having a turf war with a couple of falcons (hawks? I actually have no idea) who have been perching on their tree, which happens to be situated in the yard right behind ours. It's highly entertaining; I'll let you know who wins.

I've been talking to Chris about the situation and, apropos for the water-lover that he is, he compared the crows to dolphins: harmless alone but ferocious in packs - which is why they can face down Great Whites and other predators. Which means there are dolphins and sharks in the sky and, basically, every day is like being on National Geographic, even boring old Tuesdays.

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Chris said...

Crow versus Hawk IS like game of thrones: messenger ravens, crows that defend the wall, and even the little lord/wildling who each can communicate to the little crow buggers... And yes, the crows or hawk won't win until one side has killed the other. That's why, though my analogy is likely flawed, when I see my little dolphin pod in the water, I feel a (false) sense of security that the man in the grey suit at least for now won't be getting any bright ideas...