Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SoCal Fem Feature - Who would Leslie Knope Endorse?

When I was in college my major was Psychology and my minor was Women's Studies, neither of which led me to become the teacher I am today - I have my stint with the Peace Corps to thank for that. What those two liberal arts degrees did do was open my mind to issues of feminism and although I'm not in any way an expert on the subject I do identify as a feminist, which is why I share with you the second SoCal Fem Feature on this blog today. 

To further cement my life as a Californian I've started to research local news and politics and today I came upon an article about Myrtle Cole, one of the candidates running for San Diego District 4 City Council. I'll admit that my interest in city council elections has been piqued due to it's popularization by the indefatigable Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler's character on Parks and Recreation, but I believe that whatever gets you involved in politics isn't as important as actually being involved. And I think Myrtle Cole is someone Leslie Knope would eagerly endorse: she's a woman of color and currently works (even in the midst of campaigning) for the United Domestic Workers (UDW) union, the third labor union in the history of the United States founded by blacks and/or Latinos. The UDW also has strong ties to Cesar Chavez's United Farm Workers union , both of which are major advocates for community organizing and social justice. 

Elections are today and if Cole wins a seat on the city council she wants to enhance the lives of Eastern San Diegans, an area she says has "been neglected for far too long",  by improving street infrastructure, developing an area where people can hang out with more restaurants and grocery stores - like downtown's popular Gaslamp District - and reinstating the neighborhood watch program to help fight crime. She is also against the construction of a Walmart in district 4, which makes me like her even more. I hope she wins the election and not only because she's qualified for the job but also because putting minorities in positions of power is something that excites me: we live in a colorful country, after all, and I believe this needs to be reflected more often in our political system. In her words: "I'll be the first woman in Council District 4 and the first woman of color on the council floor. This is the century of the woman and I'm so glad to be a woman." Touche, Ms. Cole, Touche.

*What other news does a mixed-race feminist in California read? Click the links below to find out!*

Fire drills, tornado drills, and shooting drills at schools now?

A teenage girl organizes a donation drive to get Compton high schoolers involved in Tennis, hopefully paving the way for future Venus and Serena Williamses. 

Speaking of Compton, is the Compton school district discriminating against Latinos?

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority members at Cal State San Marcos posed as Latina gang members for photos, no punishment is given.

Not all is wrong at Cal State San Marcos, though, where in an effort to reach more Indian Americans they have just released a brochure written in LuiseƱo, a local indigenous language.

A military officer in San Diego is fired for his inappropriate behavior towards women in the Navy.

It's Asian Pacific Heritage month and local hero Sophak Yem is rightfully honored.


Kallmen said...

Here...Here Ana for celebrating this woman's accomplishments and dreams for a better San Diego. Many younger women and men...really great people, don't realize that when many of us in our late 40's and 50's , here in the US were children, women were still not legally treated fairly. Title nine was huge for me in high school and gave money to women's sports. We are still working on equality for women of every color and the US is one of the best. We still haven't had a woman for President. I wish I could vote for Ms. Cole because she sounds like an awesome women of character! I am doing my part in the classroom every year to encourage all my students, especially my girls, to be President, Dr.'s, Vets, engineers, firefighters, police officers, ....whatever they dream they want to be!

Chris said...

Update. She won! Women of all shades can rejoice in SD now that Ms. Cole is going to get the ball rolling downtown; certainly something Leslie Knope would agree with.

Waiting on the next fem feature ;-)