Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Day at the Dog Beach

Yesterday we took Kaya to the Del Mar Dog Beach. We had to leave Bear at home because he can be a grump sometimes and I didn't want to be responsible for watching both dogs while Chris surfed. Plus he's old, heavy, and has a fur coat made for snow so he would have been uncomfortable after awhile and the last time we took him to the dog beach he drank salt water and had diarrhea all over the water valve in someone's front yard...and there's no way to put liquid poop inside a plastic dog waste bag.  It also would have been difficult to take photos and keep an eye on both dogs instead of just one.

This is a picture heavy post because I don't have much to say about dogs other than what you already know: I love them, they make me happy, they're the best. So my gift to you readers today is a four-legged eye buffet  Enjoy!

*Cat on a leash*

Have a happy Sunday ya'll!


Anonymous said...; It's true. Looking fwd to more warm water, dog beach runs. Summertime, Yeww!


Anonymous said...

What a nice place! we (Muñeca and I) envy you ... ; )
I think one of the dogs in the pictures looks like TG, it's showing only his back ... a Portuguese water dog?

Anonymous said...

Haha...liquid poop. I remember that lovely gift Bear left for some unlucky homeowner.


Anonymous said...

Great photos of dogs and related things!