Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Sads

I know that death and sadness and war have been around for always but that doesn't make it any less difficult to grasp when something awful happens like the bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday, or the Sandy Hook massacre, or the Aurora movie theater shooting, etc. You'd think that with so much tragedy happening all over the world all the time I'd be immune to the feelings of shock and sorrow that wash over me when something bad happens, but I'm not. My heart breaks for every injustice from here to the other side of the globe that I hear and read about on a daily basis.

There are so many terrible things happening every single day that it's easy to lose focus on the good that's still in the world. And today I can't think of those good things and not just because of the blatant tragedy that is the loss of life but also because of the many smaller tragedies that stem from the main one and devastate so much in their path, like dumping poison in a mountaintop stream and watching it spread to rivers and oceans.

I can't deal with the fact that the young woman that died yesterday had a dog because, as a dog lover, I know that her dog feels miserable and confused but will continue to wait for her to come home because dogs are loyal and that's what they do. I can't deal with the fact that the young boy that died was in elementary school, probably counting down the days till summer vacation - an older brother to a young girl that will now attend school without him by her side. Don't even get me started on all of those first graders that died at Sandy Hook Elementary...I just can't...And my disgust for violence knows no borders - it is just as strong when I read about the bombings in Iraq, the massacres in Syria, the brutal gang rapes in India and Brazil, etc..etc...freaking etc...

Is nothing safe anymore? School shootings seem like old news now that we have shootings in movie theaters and bombings at marathons. Call me a hippie, call me soft, call me what you will, but I long for a world where it's easier to go to college than it is to kill someone. And I know that for every one asshole there's at least a few good people, like yesterday's first-responders and the other civilians that jumped in to help, but I'm pissed at humanity today and I've been pissed at it for awhile.

Usually I use this blog as a way to channel my negative energy into something creative and positive but today I just need to vent. And just so this doesn't end on such a depressing note, here are some pictures of peace.

 There. I feel a little better now. I hope you do, too. Thanks for listening. Go hug a loved one.


Kallmen said...
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Kallmen said...

Once again loved the pictures and I feel the same way. Heavy is how I describe it. It feels hard to get up, hard to walk, hard to just keep going when things like Boston and Sandy Hook happen. Thanks for putting it into words so well...

Anonymous said...

Gracias Nanita por expresar de manera tan elocuente y bonita esos sentimientos que la mayoria de nosotros no podemos o no sabemos decir de la misma manera.
Te quiero mucho!