Thursday, April 25, 2013

In The Pool

Today I received this e-mail:

We are happy to inform you that, based on your initial interview, it was the decision of the Interview Panel to place your application in our Full-Time Teacher Pool for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year. You will be considered by Administrators at the Elementary Schools for any full-time teaching positions that become available in our District. 

This decision was made based on comparison of all of the applicants using a number of factors such as experience, response to the interview questions, and overall performance in the interview situation.

Congratulations for making the full-time elementary teaching pool! 

So there you have it. After that stressful, twelve-person interview panel, I made it into the pool! It's not a job offer, yet, but it's the first step. Qualifying for a teaching position in California has been more rigorous than it was in Texas and Florida but I'm glad I made the (initial) cut so time to (sort of) relax.

This weekend we'll celebrate this weeks mini milestones (Chris' 30th birthday and my quasi-job offer) by camping at Joshua Tree with cousin Kerry and the kids. Chris and I are looking forward to it - it's been at least four years since the last time we slept in a tent under the stars. Pictures of our camping extravaganza will be on the next post so stay tuned and thanks for checking in!

Till then, enjoy some eye candy courtesy of our patio makeover:

Have a fun weekend!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Congrats and well-earned. Now, let's camp.


Anonymous said...

Congratulacions!!! You should be very proud! I am !!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprising here. You are a treasure Nana, which soon becomes evident to those who know you.