Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Group Interview

Today I interviewed to be placed in the teaching pool at the school district where I currently work part-time. I'm not positive that I want to go back to teaching even if I am offered a position but it never hurts to interview just in case. Although this interview was a bit painful. It was an interview unlike any I'd had before, and I've sat through dozens of interviews; it was the dreaded group interview. If you've never experienced a group interview before let me break it down for you: it sucks. Seriously, though, it was very stressful - I was nervous, sweaty, and dry-mouthed the entire 40 minutes.

Basically a group interview is when you and one or two other potential job candidates all interview together in front of all the potential employers. In my case there were three of us interviewees and twelve interviewers...twelve...all sitting in a u-shape, facing us. The interviewers, in my case, were all eleven elementary school principals from the district, plus one more acting/substituting principal. The three of us sat in front of them and were asked a total of seven questions which we each had two minutes to answer. We had to rotate the order in which we answered the questions so that we all experienced going first (which is awful) and answering last (which gives you time to think while the other two interviewees are speaking).

Interviews are generally nerve-racking but much more so in a group setting, even though the three of us had all rehearsed answers to possible questions beforehand at our homes. I think I did okay and that the other two ladies did  wonderfully, but I suppose it's normal to be harder on yourself than on others. I was the only one who never received the "time's almost up" flash card so that either means I was succinct or not as prepared. I'm also the only one who sipped from the small plastic glass of water they placed in front of us (but not while I was speaking, a la Marco Rubio). Am I reading too much into this??? I'll find out how I did by the end of the week. Till then you can find me here...

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Anonymous said...

That type of interview setting sux. But I'm sure you'll do well.