Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I finally have a job! Technically I'm in my fourth week of work already, but, having been unemployed since June, it feels as though it's still my first week. I'm the community liaison at an elementary school nearby. Basically this means that I'm the bilingual communication bridge between home and school, parents and teachers. I do everything from call home about excessive absences to interpreting during parent/teacher conferences. A couple of specific examples of the random acts I've done as a community liaison are: helped a mother escape from domestic violence and filed a discrimination complaint to the city against an apartment manager who is not allowing a first grade boy to play outside. My mom thinks that what I do sounds similar to being a social worker.

The staff at the school is supportive and the students and parents have been kind. I'm lucky to have found a job that has given me the teaching break I needed but kept me in the education field. If things keep going smoothly at my new job then I might consider getting back into the classroom as a full-time teacher. Till then I'm keeping myself busy and happy, with much less stress as I had when I was teaching, as the school's liaison.

Weekends are still all about being outdoors and getting together with friends and family. Last weekend we celebrated David's 30th birthday with dinner, drinks, and dancing at a lively lounge in La Jolla that had a live cumbia band. It had been months since the last time I danced so it was long overdue and I had a great time. While we were in La Jolla we also did as the tourists do and visited Children's Pool where the seals like to hang out. (Speaking of seals, here's a quick update on the sad baby sea lion situation happening in Southern California, which I mentioned briefly in this post.)

 *Photo credit for all to Chris

I hope everyone is having a nice week so far! We started decorating our patio and found a sweet mid century modern patio set on Craigslist and bought a bunch of succulents and a couple of bird feeders. Pictures next post!

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