Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Signs Of Spring

Two of my favorite moments happen this month: day-light savings and the spring equinox, in that order. On March 10th we will lose one hour of sleep but it'll be worth it for the many hours in which we will spend under extra sunlight during the months to come. And then, on March 20th, is the first day of spring which means that all of those extra hours under the sunlight will also be warm. Now that's a definite win-win situation.

Living in Southern California I can't really complain about winter - especially when Chicago is in the midst of an epic snowstorm - but even though there's no grass poking out of snow around me, I still see signs that spring is almost here. Proof of a future that entails sandals and dresses, flip flops and tank tops - the ideal wardrobe for a low-maintenance girl. (For those of you saddened by the change of seasons you can revisit winter beginning on March 31st , the season 3 premiere of Game Of Thrones, which is another exciting moment in March - what a great month! Isn't my parents wedding anniversary also this month? Cue the song by DJ Khaled: Win-win-win!)

Signs of spring in nature:

*Multi-colored Daises blooming along the runway

*A flower embracing the sun

*Peach tree blossoms




*Baby Pine cones

*Shades of Green

Signs of spring in practice:

*Brunch on the patio

*Love (Picture by Simone)

*Outside play under a bright blue sky

*Weekend hikes

*Outdoor lounging

*Frisky horses

Those are some hints of spring that I've noticed around here. What's making you think of spring? What have you noticed around your area?


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