Monday, March 25, 2013

Hammock Weather

 This weekend I watched Winnebago Man and hung out in a Tepee. I took the dogs on a walk around a lake and was complimented on their good behavior.  I ate brownies for dinner and dark chocolate covered raisins for lunch. We bought quirky fabric and passion fruit cupcakes. I drank too much wine and ate Thai pizza. We swung on a hammock chair and burrowed in bed. We spent time with friends and spent time alone. This weekend was quiet and loud and happy and sad. I cried and laughed, I yelled and whispered. Nothing really happened and everything happened. And among the highs and lows - those shifts in emotion that seem to define me - was the consistently gorgeous weather, just in time for spring break.


ohbettinadear said...

those pictures of you in the hammock chair are darling! sounds like a dreamy weekend.

Ana Maria said...

Thank you Bettina :)