Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dusk and Beer

Now that the sun is setting later in the day we like to spend dusk relaxing outside in the backyard or the front deck. The temperature during dusk is the best right now - not too warm and not too cold, juuuuuust right - the way Goldilocks likes everything...thus it's Goldilocks Weather, which makes perfect sense since we've got a Bear.

And what better beverage is there to enjoy during this Goldilocks Weather? Why, a Bear Beer, of course!

*Honey Mesquite Bear Beer - bottled in November and made using dried seed pods that fall all over the yard from the Mesquite tree at my parent's house.

Several years ago my siblings, Chris, and I decided to buy my father a beer brewing kit for Father's Day and it turned out to be a huge success; by far the best Father's Day gift we've ever given - the quintessential gift that keeps on giving. Since then he's made dozens of beer batches, filled hundreds of (recycled!) bottles, and each batch is unique and all are tasty.

The plan is to get our own branch of Bear Beer running here in San Diego but until then we continue to enjoy the fruits of my dad's labor under a setting sun.

Oh California, you make it so easy to leave Florida and Texas behind.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww ... I miss my baby Bear! But I'm happy for them and for you, both Bear and Kaya look very happy and relaxed.