Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In The Garden

Love it or hate it, daylight savings time is here. I love it and have looked forward to it since November when I begrudgingly set the clock back one hour. Even though there's still the same exact amount of sunlight as before, the days feel longer and I'm fine with having sacrificed one hour of sleep for that. Now when Chris gets home from work the sun will still be shining and he won't have to go from one building with artificial light straight into another one. For this I'd like to thank World War II for making daylight savings possible, and special recognition to Benjamin Franklin, who was supposedly the first person to acknowledge in writing the benefits of using as much of the sun's light as possible.

We celebrated the first day of daylight saving time outdoors, of course, at the San Diego Botanic Garden. Our friend Peter was visiting from Seattle so he joined us and he and Chris were very patient while I snapped photos during the impromptu field trip.

I've written about botanical gardens before here and mentioned them briefly here so it should come as no surprise that I enjoy them. But who doesn't?  It's like saying I like cheese. Everyone likes cheese.
Botanic gardens are peaceful and beautiful; the perfect setting for a novice photographer because there's plenty of colorful, gorgeous, and stationary subjects to photograph and there's no pressure to move quickly. So I indulged myself in nature's offerings by taking hundreds of pictures.

Also, I wore a skirt. The first skirt of  2013 to symbolize the warmth and happiness that arrived with daylight savings. I guess I'll have to shave my legs more often, another sacrifice I'm willing to make for a sun that sets late.

Without further ado, eye candy time:

*I'm obsessed with succulents. They're pretty like flowers but longer-lasting and better for the environment since they don't require much water. The San Diego Botanic garden had a vast amount and were eccentric in their displays. I especially liked the human figurines decorated with succulents. 

Since it's spring eve there were many flowers in bloom. Most of these flowers grow wild throughout San Diego and it's common during this time of the year to see wide patches of bright color on the hillsides due to the flowers, like lilac or dandelions, which adds to my excitement for my first spring in San Diego.

We also saw a lot of cacti, which are prolific in San Diego since the area is semi-arid. Chris got creative photographing all the different types of cactus we encountered.

So that was how we spent our first day of my favorite time of the year. The SD botanic garden was a great place for photographic inspiration and, although I'm still learning and sometimes I cheat and use the automatic modes, I'm so happy we got our camera, it was totally worth the cost.


Molena said...

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Do you have any recommendations for a slightly less professional camera? I want to get one and the iPhone only does so much!

P.S. - I too count down the days for Daylight Savings when we lose an hour but gain more daylight and I can run outside again without fears of getting kidnapped, lol!!

Miss you!

Ana Maria said...

Look for anything that's a DSLR and the quality will be good. Also, the trick to saving money on a good camera is to get one that's been refurbished. Basically this means it's been used and fixed-up like new. Our camera is refurbished and we saved hundreds of dollars on it because of that. Make sure it comes with a warranty just in case you notice anything wrong with it when you receive it. Ours has a 90 day warranty.

p.s - miss you, too! kidnapping...sheesh molena!

Kallmen said...

I love this post about gardens and wow do they enrich our lives. There a few more gardens in San Diego that are pretty cool and the zoo and Safari park have an even bigger plant collection and more valuable than animals, believe it or not. LOVE the great pictures!

Ana Maria said...

Thank you! We need to get our container garden growing over here and I'm really thinking that for our future permanent home we'll do a lot of succulents since they're so environmental friendly.